Question 1
Based on current knowledge, which statement is closest to the scientific evidence for global climate change?
There is some evidence that humans are having an effect on climate.
There is evidence for climate change, but no evidence that human activities are involved.
There is no evidence; it’s a scare tactic promoted by environmentalists and some politicians.
The evidence is clear that humans are significantly affecting climate.
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Question 2
Differentiate between climate and weather.
Climate is a lie promoted by left leaning liberals. Weather is real.
Climate refers to the patterns in time and space of precipitation, temperature and wind. Weather is what is happening at this very moment.
Climate is the weather you see around yourself every day.
Climate refers to warmer temperatures. Weather refers to colder temperatures.
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Question 3
What is climate change?
Changes in temperature
Changes in the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.
Changes in the patterns of precipitation, temperature and wind.
Changes in precipitation.
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Question 4
Why is studying climate change a scientific challenge?
Science is prone to error, especially climate change.
Political considerations make studying climate change impossible.
Since climate change is a lie, you can’t measure something that isn’t there.
Climates change naturally over time and location.
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Question 5
Why should we be interested in climate change?
Climate determines how humans can use land. For example, agriculture & farmland.
Climate determines the use and quality of water available for use.
Climate determines the severity of droughts, storms, and floods.
All the above
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Question 6
What are some ways we can study climate change?
CO2, atmospheric gases, and even tree rings are used together to give us a better idea of climate change.
We only study climate change by measuring and tracking air temperatures.
We only study climate change by measuring industrial output.
None of the above are correct.
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Question 7
At what rate have global surface temperatures changed over the last 30 years?
13 degrees Celsius
2 degrees Celsius
.0013 degrees Celsius
.02 degrees Celsius.
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Question 8
How has the Earth’s temperature changed in the last 30 years?
There is no evidence for a systematic temperature change.
The change is already larger than any to have occurred in Earth’s past.
Earth is moving in the direction of a major glaciation.
The change is small compared to a glacial cycle, but temperature is increasing at a high rate.
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Question 9
The ice core shows that temperature and CO2 were correlated in the past. The graph suggests that:
A mechanism needs to be found to explain the correlation.
CO2 caused temperature to change.
The correlation is too rough to be meaningful.
Temperature caused CO2 to change.
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Question 10
What do you know about the effect of CO2 in the atmosphere on climate?
In the past, changes in CO have been associated with large swings in Earth’s climate.
Increased levels of CO in the atmosphere are correlated with increased temperature.
The greenhouse effect explains why climate can be affected by CO
All of the above.
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Question 11
When did CO2 and greenhouse gasses (GHG) begin to dramatically increase in the atmosphere?
Before the year 1500
After the year 2000
Late 1800s to early 1900s
Before the year 1700
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Question 12
What should the Senator know about the role of CO2 as a cause of recent warming?
All GHG began to increase in the last 200 years but don’t yet exceed normal interglacial levels.
Although CO2 has been increasing, other GHG have not.
Levels of CO2 and other GHG began to increase more rapidly about 200 years ago and are now higher than they have been in hundreds of thousands of years.
Levels of CO and other GHG have been increasing steadily over thousands of years.
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Question 13
Scientists conclude that:
Scientists don’t know how much CO2 is emitted or where it goes.
Fossil fuel burning is the only source of human caused CO2 emissions.
CO2 emissions from a range of human activities are causing the increase in the atmosphere as well as acidifying the oceans.
The increase of CO2 in the atmosphere results from natural processes in the biosphere.
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Question 14
How can scientists decide which factors are actually responsible for climate change?
Scientific models have shown that manmade factors are enough to explain climate change.
Scientific models have shown that both natural and manmade factors are needed to explain the climate change that we are currently measuring.
Scientific models have shown that natural factors are enough to explain climate change.
Scientific models have shown that neither natural nor manmade factors can explain the climate change that we are currently measuring.
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Question 15
What should you know about human involvement with climate change?
Models of climate are so incomplete that no conclusions can be drawn.
Humans are definitely causing climate change.
Humans have contributed absolutely nothing toward climate change.
Human involvement in climate change, particularly recent warming, is probable.
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