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Protective Services Volunteer
day, we see individuals volunteer to do various activities especially community
development projects. Without the needs of the community at heart, it would be
rare to see individuals take their precious time to engage in voluntary
activities. I am of the opinion that volunteering is vital as it helps us show
our passion and love to people and the community. In essence, not everyone
understands what volunteering is, and maybe this is the reason a couple of
people never want to engage in voluntary activities. In all perspectives,
personal or community, volunteering is important and is treasured. Personally,
I would enjoy taking part in a voluntary service. Volunteering is also
beneficial to the community, as it is through it that the community can be
saved from threats such as pollution and degradation.
have had experience in engaging in a voluntary activity. The activity involved
attending to young orphaned children below the age of ten years. Together with
friends, we offered clothes, as well as food to the children. Most of them were
pleased with our gesture. I must confess it was an exciting experience,
especially the part where we had to interact with the children and play games
with the. Most of them had undergone long periods of depression owing to the
fact that they had lost their parents. Together with friends, we volunteered to
attend to young children in a children’s home at the outskirts of town. We were
privileged to volunteer in one of the several children’s homes. The children’s
home was chosen because it was a perfect place for voluntary services such as
the provision of food and clothes, as well as guidance and counseling. As the
welfare coordinator, my role was to ensure that every child in the children’s
home was provided with food and clothes. I came to learn that orphans are like
other people, only that they are affected by the depression they go through
after losing their parents. I also learnt that as members of the community, we
need to do a lot to take care of orphaned children.
am an ordinary member of the society, and I have to respect other members of
the community if I am to earn their respect. I believe in humility, respect,
and honesty. From the experience at the children’s home, I have learnt that I
can also interact freely with strange people. I have also learnt that I can
convince people to embrace new ideas. In fact, the experience made me have more
empathy and understanding than I did before. Notably, the experience has also
had an impact on my willingness to serve others. This is because I now have the
feeling that I am entitled to save a child from suffering, and this can only be
achieved through my engagement in voluntary activities. Moreover, my
motivations for volunteering have changed significantly, and this is attributed
to the fact that I found the experience interesting. The fear I had when
engaging in voluntary services is no more. Before, I had the prejudice that a
children’s home is a place with no freedom. The experience has challenged the
prejudice because I now perceive children’s homes as normal places in the
society, where people especially children enjoy great freedom. There is no
doubt that the experience will change the way I think about orphaned children
in the future.
situation at the children’s home contributed in some way to the depression
suffered by a couple of children. If I were in charge, I would ensure that the
children are given freedom to visit distant places where they would have the
opportunity to relieve their depression. Although everything went as planned during
the voluntary activity, a moment of failure was witnessed when a few children
missed the food provided due to its insufficiency. This is one area we wish to
address during our next visit to a different children’s home. Our actions had
an impact, and this was illustrated by the joy and feedback from the children.
Some expressed their gratitude while some stated that they were relieved of the
depression they were suffering from before our visit. We need to channel more
funds and resources to children’s homes to enhance their living conditions. By
doing so, we will be complementing the ideas taught in class especially about
the need of caring for one another. Apparently, learning through experience is
better than learning in class because it enables as have a direct feeling or
contact with the situation at hand.
the experience, I was able to identify that the strict rules given to orphaned
children in children’s homes have an influence on the suffering and depression
they go through. They need to be given freedom and space to express themselves,
and do whatever might help them forget their past. In fact, if I come across an
orphaned child in future, I would give him or her, an opportunity of choosing
anything of choice. The negligence of our political leaders across the globe is
worsening the situation for our orphaned children. Hence, our leaders need to
focus more on the situation of orphaned children.
recap, my experience at the children’s home was interesting as I had a rare
opportunity of interacting with orphaned children. The experience made me feel
part of the community as I took part in proving food and clothes to the
children. All these experiences can only be obtained through volunteering, and
this underscores the importance of voluntary activities.

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