Research Proposal

Research Proposal 10%

The proposal includes a formal research question(s) section and a thesis, which will respond to the question. A short proposal will accompany the thesis. This assignment is the first of the mandatory steps that lead to the research essay.


Remember the three cardinal rules of research: Time, Place, and Special Circumstances.

And remember that demographicsage, gender, race, religion, culture, etc. are vital to good research and to limit generalizations.

Write thoughtfully and grammatically, which indicates clarity and rigour. This is the assignment that shows whether you will be able to write a proper research essay, so you must write, rewrite, edit, and proofread in order that it demonstrates your seriousness. Do not plagiarize!


This assignment must demonstrate that you have done research and learned about your specific topic (see the Topic Guide in Week 6). You will make use of a variety of sources (academic articles, reports, and reputable journalism) to introduce and outline your topic/research. Your proposal must include the following:


PART 1: Proposal


MLA format/layout and citations. Times New Roman, size 12 font


1.5 to 2 typed pages (double spaced, regular 1 inch margins, no extra spaces between paragraphs.


Title: Should be specific and communicate a clear and narrow topic


Key Words: 3-4


Three Research Questions: (see the guides in week 6)

  • These questions must go beyond introductory/starting point questions and must demonstrate that you have already studied your topic and are now searching for more focused insights and information that is relevant to your narrow/specific focus.
  • In addition to writing three questions, each question must be accompanied by a brief description or explanation. This means that for each question you will discuss the importance and relevance of the question and the usefulness of the information you hope to find. In other words, elaborate, contextualize, frame and discuss your question.



Tentative Thesis and Topic Overview: Paragraph form section

Set up and introduce your thesis/topic statement. It must be carefully and grammatically written! It should be clear, focused, and specific. Establish and Discuss your narrow topic clearly.

Develop this thesis with a topic overview/discussion (Intro to your topic). This will allow you to articulate your rationale/reason/purpose/aim.

The topic overview section clearly identifies the focus/direction/aim of your research essay. This is where you can discuss your topic in some detail and briefly discuss some key ideas, facts, and the sources you will be using in your research essay. Also, explain the relevance of your topic and why it is significant. This section should be well written, concise, edited well and organized. It outlines the topic and helps the reader understand what you intend to research/write about, and why it is an important/significant topic. It can be organized to include information regarding the background, context/significance, current information, details, and the aims/goals for your research paper. (MUST HAVE MLA IN-TEXT CITATIONS)

  • Note: You must convince me that you have done relevant and scholarly research and are qualified to write it. You must cite sources, paraphrase, and discuss your topic using a professional and academic tone/style.


Full MLA Work Cited section

FINAL NOTE: All sources must be cited; otherwise you will run the risk of plagiarism. Do your own work… The College’s policy will be strictly followed in this regard; therefore, a grade of “0” will be given on the assignment if it violates the academic integrity polices.



Re-read these instructions and use them as a guide for your proposal.

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