Session 3 Vignette.

Session 3 Vignette. Linda is a 12 month old female. Linda’s medical history includes a difficult pregnancy and birth; Linda was born 4 weeks premature. Linda and her parents were referred to your agency because a visiting nurse noticed signs of possible developmental delay. Linda has not started babbling yet (which usually starts around 8-10 months); in addition, Linda appears to not respond or attend to noise or events around her. For example, a loud sound behind her does not cause her to startle. Linda is her parents’ first child together; this is the second marriage for both parents. Both have children from earlier marriages, and two of the children, both adolescents, live with them. Linda’s father is 20 years older than his wife. He is not employable, has a speech disorder, cannot read or write, and is also physically limited by arthritis. Linda’s mother was employed before Linda was born, but has not obtained another job.
RubricComprehensive Exam Grading RubricComprehensive Exam Grading RubricCriteria Ratings PtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContentSummary of session material5.0 ptsThe analysis of the case is original, focused, unambiguous, and concise (i.e., without extra material). The writing could serve as a superior guide to the case. The paper not only explains the case, but goes beyond to analyze the underlying nature of the issues in an even-handed, skillful fashion.4.0 ptsThe analysis of the case is clear and reasonably well focused. The writing could serve as accurate, basic guide to the case or problem; that is, the writing accurately explains the case, but does not provide any substantive analysis of the issues. A typical paper.3.0 ptsThe explanation of the case is limited and not well focused. The writing contains most of the basic and appropriate ideas, but the ideas are not expressed well enough to be a safe guide for someone else. There is a lack of analysis of the case beyond presentation of the basic ideas.1.0 ptsExplanation of the case does not meaningfully exist. The writing contains only a small fraction of the ideas appropriate to the case, with noticeable omissions or errors, or the ideas are not presented clearly.5.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLanguage Use5.0 ptsUses stylistically sophisticated language, with a notable sense of voice, awareness of audience and purpose, and varied sentence structure.4.0 ptsUses basic but appropriate language, with a basic sense of voice, some awareness of audience and purpose and some attempt to vary sentence structure.3.0 ptsUses language that is vague or imprecise for the audience or purpose, with little sense of voice, and a limited awareness of how to vary sentence structure.1.0 ptsUses language that is unsuitable for the audience and purpose, with little or no awareness of sentence structure.5.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeConventions (Spelling, grammar, APA style, and mechanics)5.0 ptsShows control of the conventions with essentially no errors, even with sophisticated language.4.0 ptsShows control of the conventions, with occasional errors only when using sophisticated language.3.0 ptsShows partial control of the conventions, with errors that do not hinder comprehension.1.0 ptsShows limited control of the conventions, with frequent errors that make comprehension difficult.
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