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Social Description
will be a short social description of the language.This portion of the project is going to be relatively simple, and it will rely on the information from Chapters 10 (Pragmatics), 18 (Regional Variation), and 19 (Social Variation).
You need to aim for about 2 – pages double-spaced MAX.Here is what you will need to address in your social description:
Is the society socially stratified?For example, are there different social classes?More prestigious and powerful groups and less prestigious and powerful?
Are there specific social rules of politeness and deference used to address people of different social classes or possibly just mere strangers? What are they?Here you may include such notions as (just as an example):
No elder in the society can be addressed with a direct speech act.Only indirect speech acts are allowed. Or, on the contrary, all elders must be addressed with direct speech acts and never indirect ones (you choose, but explain what social norms might guide this rule in the society where your conlang is spoken)
There are formal speech politeness markers (i.e. like the use of Usted or Vous in Spanish and French respectively or the paraticle imnida 입니다 in Korean, which is used in formal speech.)
Is there regional and social variation in your society?If yes, what factors have led to it?For example, are there areas that were isolated and developed their own dialects?Are there social classes that developed a different social dialect (aka sociolect) to distinguish themselves from others?Are there gender differences in how people talk? You can provide some examples of social, regional, or gender dialects.These can be, for example:
A variation on a phonological rule (i.e. in some dialects – whether regional or social -a [k] becomes a post-alveolar click at the end of words [!], and in some it stays a [k])
A variation on a morphological rule (i.e. like in American we say “I have woken up” and in some British dialects people say “I have waked up”).
Some specific vocabulary items that are dialect specific maybe due to their physical and natural environment or social mores.
You do not need much.You just need to be creative.
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