Special Assignment In August of 2016, the German shoe and apparel company Adidas made a decision to transition the shoe manufacturing operations at an Indonesian plant to a new, state-of-the-art robotic plant in Germany. Your textbook mentions this as an ethical dilemma. You will need to research this situation to try to uncover the facts, as well as cite your paper APA style using at least 3 references. As you write this, you will need to explain certain things about the situation and decision: 1) Why is Adidas stating that they are making this decision? 2) What stakeholders are affected, and how? 3) Who wins, and who loses in this decision? 4) Are there other ethical concerns addressed by this new factory? 5) If successful, what are Adidas’ future plans? Obviously, this will be a written paper in paragraph form. Please be sure to cite in-text, and also include a reference sheet. You can attach it to an email and send to me when done.

Adidas has been shifting their manufacturing plant from Indonesia to Germany because of the high level of Technology which needs to be used in manufacturing the shoes. Germany is a Pioneer in the 3D printing technology which is being implemented into the shoe manufacturing of the adidas. Adidas want to bring back the production to its home country which is why Adidas is moving their manufacturing facility from Indonesia to Germany.
Workers working in a plant of Indonesian manufacturing facilities are the most affected stakeholders of the organisation. Suppliers as well as companies which were associated with the fracturing facility in Indonesia would be very badly affected. Adidas manufacturing facility was some of the biggest manufacturing facilities in Indonesia hence the overall effect of the moving from Indonesia to Germany would the affecting many stakeholders of the organisation in Indonesia.
Adidas and Germany wins in the decision but the Indonesian manufacturing industry as well as the local suppliers lose.
What are the main ethical concerns which work address by the smoke factory or the lack of jobs created by the factory. As the factory is going to be fully automatic, number of jobs would be widely decreasing resulting unemployment.
Adidas is planning to focus on the athletes as well as providing high quality 3D printed technologically advanced sports shoes which are very beneficial for the overall state of the company I could be widely used in terms of generating more profits for the company.
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