Summarise at least two complexities within the case and the impact this has on the nursing priorities and interventions

Written Case Analysis
This will be self-selected case analysis from the five case studies placed on Canvas. You will be able to choose from: Respiratory, Cardiac, Gastrointestinal, Neurological, Renal. Similar cases will form the basis of tutorial work throughout the semester. Students will have access to all they need to know about the case prior to choosing their case. There is no need for them to attend the tutorial on the case for them to complete this assignment. The student will need to inform the unit convener by close of business Friday week 1 of their case choice. Those students who fail to select a case study by this time will have a case allocated to them. Students will not be able to change or amend their case study selection once it has been made or allocated. Students will select one patient case study for their written assignment. The written case study will be due by 2359 hours 13th April 2018. If students are repeating the unit, they will be required to select a different case study from previous attempts. Word limit: 2,000 words, 10% variance will be accepted. Anything submitted above or below this variance will be penalised. A 5% reduction in mark per 100 words over or under this 10% variance will be imposed. Reference list and appendices are not included in this word count.
The case study will
: • Summarise at least two complexities within the case and the impact this has on the nursing priorities and interventions, for example: o Pathophysiology of the case o Critical illness o Unstable haemodynamics o Use of technology o Ethical and legal challenges o Polypharmacy o Family care o Altered patient conscious level
• Relevant points brought together in a conclusion
• The study will be written logically and concisely, using academic writing conventions
• Correct APA referencing throughout the case study Rubric Case analysis rubric Case analysis rubric Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a learning outcome
Demonstrates two nursing priorities and rationale4.0 Pts Full Marks
Demonstrates clearly two nursing priorities and the rationale for choice, includes the complexity behind their choice3.0 Pts
Demonstrates two nursing priorities and rationale for choice, and briefly discusses the complexity behind their choice 2.0 Pts
Demonstrates either nursing priorities or rationales, but there is no link between them, no mention of the complexity behind their choice1.0 Pts
Demonstrates a nursing priority or rationale, but no connection is made to case 0.0 Pts No Marks Demonstrates no nursing priorities or rationales 4.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeNursing care interventions 4.0 Pts Full Marks
Clearly demonstrates the nursing care interventions required for the case, and gives rationale and evaluation 3.0 Pts Demonstrates

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