Teaching Reading Using Graphic

Teaching Reading Using Graphic


Let’s Learn about Graphic Organizers

This assignment will help you learn more about graphic organizers (GOs).  Using the required review resources below, you are to write the prompts and then respond to them in complete sentences in a Word document.

  1. Describe a graphic organizer in your own words and the rationale or purpose(s) for its use 
  2. List and describe at least three benefits of using graphic organizers.
  3. List and briefly three different types of graphic organizers from the resources below and briefly describe a specific concept you could teach using that style of the graphic organizer. For example, I might use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast two different characters in a story. 
  4. Review the four graphic organizers created on the Popplet program by students in another class. Then briefly describe at least three features of the GO’s designs that help make them more helpful for students to learn the concepts and why they help.  

Required for Review: Graphic Organizers Resources: Definitions and Types

  • The Ultimate List of Graphic Organizers for Teachers and StudentsLinks to an external site. 
  • 25 FREE Google Drawings graphic organizers — and how to make your ownLinks to an external site. 

Sample Graphic Organizers created in the Popplet Online GO Program Links to an external site.(Required Review for Assignment)Links to an external site.

  • SeasonsLinks to an external site.
  • State of MatterLinks to an external site.
  • Earth DayLinks to an external site.
  • Water CycleLinks to an external site.

Want to Learn More? Additional Resources (Optional Review for Assignment)

  • Graphic Organizers for Science

https://youtu.be/NXN_WMHVUVkLinks to an external site.

  • Teaching Reading using Graphic Organizers

https://youtu.be/q324tc3hoWILinks to an external site.

  • Top 15 Online Digital OrganizersLinks to an external site.

 The Perfect Mind map: 6 Step Checklist

https://youtu.be/5zT_2aBP6vMLinks to an external site.

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