The health promotion education module

Respond to discussionInclude citations/Use in text citation where neededAll sources must be 5 years old or newerOnly needs to be about a paragraph longMore like a discussion rather than a paperPlease add to the discussion in your peer responses with informative responses, instead of posts similar to “great idea! I really agree with you.” POST 1 (Brandy)When promoting health the teacher must know how the audience best receives information and the highest level of education the individual or group has. If I thought the learner was not able to read I would first have to assess what is the needing to be learned from the client. this would require me to see if a deficiency exists (“The health,” n.d.). The first thing I would do is teach the client what they originally came to learn (“The health,” n.d.). If I do not tell them what they are asking I could lose their attention or the client may not be able to focus on what they came to learn (“The health,” n.d.). Since the client is having trouble reading the material I need to listen and be respectful of the clients feelings (“The health,” n.d.). Doing so will show the client I am respectful of their learning needs and not judging them.Even though the clinic is extremely busy it is important I take extra time with this client. The brochure can be read by others but this client needs extra attention. I would take the client over to a quiet and private area. This should allow the client to feel more comfortable and ask questions they may not feel comfortable asking in front of others. Here I would read through the brochure with the client.In order to assess the the reading level of the client I would watch to see if the client is reading along with me when I read the brochure to the client. I could ask the client to pick out something on the brochure and ask for some examples regarding the topic. If this makes the client feel uncomfortable I could also ask the client if they are have a different language preference for the material. Asking the client to keep a journal of their progress and bring it into the check ins would also be a way to ensure they are able to read and write. I would need to pay attention to the hand writing so make sure the client is not having others write for them. The most important thing I could do is promote a comfortable learning situation so the client will trust me in teaching them about their health promotion.ReferencesThe health promotion education module. (n.d.). Denver College of Nursing. Retrieved from POST 2 (Kristen)One of the techniques I would you in my practice that would facilitate learning with this client is lectures. “Nurses as educators use this strategy when they need to efficiently cover a topic that has a great amount of abstract content” (Pearson, n.d.). Lectures actively involve the client in the learning process. Another technique I would use that I think would be helpful for this client is a question and answer session. “Questions asked by clients and the answers they give to questions allow the nurse to assess how much has been learned and whether or not they understand the content” (Pearson, n.d.). This also helps nurses develop problem solving abilities. I would start my lecture and go over all the important key points and then at the end of my lecture I would have a question and answer session. This gives the client an opportunity to ask questions he is thinking of. I would informally assess a client’s reading level by having a little assessment at the beginning of the session that has them answer 3 questions and the answers are found in the book. This will help start the learning session.Reference:Pearson. (n.d.). TOPIC 02: Techniques. Retrieved November 26, 2019, from   

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