The impact of social class when career counselling Australian secondary education students

The impact of social class when career counselling Australian secondary education students
Topic: The impact of social class when career counselling Australian secondary education students
This is a two part assignment – Part 1 the literature review (2000 words), part 2 my personal position (1000 words) where I outline the theory and practice I would follow. I only want part one completed by you.
15+ sources
APA referencing and style guide. 11 font 1.5 – 2 spacing.
This is how I would like the review broken down:
Part 1 –
Literature Review ( 200 words)                                                                                                       
Introduction to issue                                                                           200 words
What does the current literature indicate with regard to this CareerDevelopment issue?                                                                                        600 words
Define social class using information in Tait reading provided, identifying the role of cultural capital in impacting equity.
Define career using Careers Industry Council of Australia definition. The role of career counselling in trying to address equity for students to achieve their potential
Critique of theoretical perspective                                                                500 words
Is there one particular theory that is used? Or one that is used more than others?
Outline this theory. Who developed it? When? Why? (Use Paton and McMahon text to do this)
What does this theory seek to explain?
How well do you feel that this theory does help readers to understand the particular issue?
Are there aspects of the issue that have been overlooked?
Could a different theory help to build understandings of the issue more thoroughly? Or in a way that’s more relevant?
Critique of empirical work undertaken to support this issue                         500 words
Has there been much done in this area?
In this country? Or is it all overseas?
Who has done it?
Why have they done it? For what purpose?
What are they focusing on?
What have their conclusions been?
Have they missed some important bits?
Why does this seem to be?
Is there more work to be done in this area?
Conclusion                                                                                                       200 words
Career Development Programs: Preparation for lifelong career decision making
Wendy Patton and Mary McMahon (2014)
Diemer and Ali, (2009). Integrating Social Class Into Vocational Psychology Theory and practise Implications (attached)
Erin Doyle (2011). Career Development Needs of Low Social Economic Status University Students. (attached)
Karen Walker (2006) (attached)
Articles for lit review (attached) –
Borg, Bright and Pryor (2014)
Pryor and Bright (2012)
Vanin (2015) – there is a literature review in this paper that I am thinking may assist with this section – reference section will ssist with more articles for review as well.

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