The Int Operator In Your Calculator Is The Greatest Integer Function It Returns

The “int()” operator in your calculator is the “greatest integer function.” It returns the greatest integer less than or equal to the operand and is written using square brackets: [x] or [[x]]. For example, it would give back 82 for [[82.976]].
In Smalltown, AZ the students receive grade points as follows: 4.0 for any grade 90% or higher. [90,100)3.0 for any grade 80% or higher. [80,90)2.0 for any grade 70% or higher. [70,80)
1.0 for any grade 60% or higher. [60,70)(Notice: students NEVER fail! And students never get 100%!)
A. Write a function that correctly returns grade points for gradesfrom 60% to 100%. (78.45 should give a 2.0). Is your function even, odd, or neither?
B. State the domain and range of the function for this situation.
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