The Recommended Starting Dosage Used For Treating Congestive Heart Failure For M

The recommended starting dosage used for treating congestive heart failure for most patients is 0.25mg of digoxin once daily. The mean half-life for digoxin elimination is about 1.6 days or 38.4 hrs in individuals whose renal and hepatic function are normal. This means the amount of digoxin will be eliminated from the body at an average rate of 1.79% per hour.
a. What is the hourly percent rate of change of digoxin in a patients body who is going through digoxin therapy? (answer complete sentence)
b. What is the hourly growth or decay factor? (answer complete sentence)
c. write an exponential model for the amount of digoxin in the body, D(t), measure in mg, as a function of time, t, hours, since the initial dosage.
d. After how many hours will there be only one quarter of the dosage, or 0.0625mg left?
Set up the equation to solve this problem. Then solve the equation algebraically by using logarithms. Round to two decimals.
e. What is the percent rate of change per day in digoxin? Round the final answer to two decimals, otherwise round to four decimals.
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