This Is A Continuation Of The Scenario Presented In Units 3 And 4 Follow Slide C

This is a continuation of the scenario presented in Units 3 and 4. 
Follow slide count AND Information in them
The budget director has assigned you as the action officer to a DHS interagency working group to represent the agency or directorate. The purpose of the working group is to re-align DHS program priorities for the mid-year Congressional Budget Review. The budget director has received top-level approval of the AO’s previously submitted proposals. Each agency or directorate representative has an equal vote within the working group and voting authority assigned by the AO’s budget director. The working group members must assess each agency or directorate’s proposed mid-year realignments and determine a proposed Department (DHS) mid-year budget priorities realignment for presentation to the House and Senate Homeland Security Budget subcommittee. The AOs should represent the best interests of their parent agency or directorate to the working group. The working group shall be guided in their deliberations and actions by the DHS QHSR, BUR, StratPlan, and 2015 Budget in Brief (BOB).
Individual Portion
Prepare a PowerPoint briefing of the student’s Unit 3 and Unit 4 papers.
U did UNIT 3 already and your working on 4
The briefing shall include the following:

A      title slide
An      agency description slide to include statutory missions, jurisdiction, and      roles and responsibilities
Supporting      background information slide
A      program discussion slide to include mission, goals, objectives, and      metrics (from the student’s Unit 3 Individual Project)
Justification      for reprioritization
Recommendations      to the working group

· (1) cover/title slide
· (1) agenda slide
· (7) Body slides
· (1) conclusion slide
· (1) references slide
· (1) questions slide
This PowerPoint presentation should be at least ten slides in length and include speaker notes and additional backup information slides as deemed necessary by the student. The student should submit the completed PowerPoint to the course instructor and to his or her small group area. This task is worth 100 points.
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