Treasure Island Questions-Robert Louis Stevenson

1. In what ways is it made cleaar that the new guest of the Admiral Benbow inn is an unusual Man? How is it suggested thet he may have been a pirate? when do we know this definitely?
2. What role does Billy Bones play in the plot? Why is he in the book?
3. Is greed the main motivation in the book? what are three ways greed affects the plot? as always, use examples.
4. What are the 3 settings, and how does each affect the story/
5. The middle section, “The stockdale” is partly told by the doctor. why did Stevenson do this/ How does this point of view change the story?
6. Just how did silver become a Captain? Compare his style of leading to that of Captain smollett. who is better at it?
7. What are Jim’s accomplishments? How does he change from the beginning of the novel to the end? How about his view of himself?

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