Unit 3 Individual Project Foundation Of Organization Design Mgmt673

Unit 3 – Individual Project 
Your company, Organizing Companies for Performance, Inc., (OCPI) has a client that requests intervention. This client is a software company, Killer App Software, that grew from a husband and wife team to a staff of 170 in a few short years. There was no real organization design plan in play from the inception of the company. Instead, the company added staff and departments as they thought they were needed. The husband and wife who started the company still run it, but they want to retire in 3-5 years. They have asked you to lead a reorganization of the company that will allow the couple to meet their retirement goals and the company to run successfully after their retirement.
Assignment Overview
Type: Individual Project
Unit:  Build the Foundation
Due Date:  Wed,5/21/19
Grading Type: Numeric
Points Possible:  125
Points Earned: 
Deliverable Length:  10 PowerPoint slides with 200 words of speaker notes per slide
Assignment Details
Assignment Description
Your company, Organizing Companies for Performance, Inc. (OCPI), has just finished and proposed a plan of redesign for the client organization, Killer App Software. Killer App Software has decided to implement it.
For this Individual Project, you will create a presentation for the owners of Killer App Software on what it needs to do to ensure that the company is properly managed after implementing the new organizational design. The company is asking you for specific recommendations.
Killer App Software recently spoke with the president of another software development company who implemented a similar design for her organization, only to lose a major contract because of the inability of that organization to implement the new design.
That company had terrible problems with communication and teamwork between departments. This caused the company to lose a major client. The owners of Killer App Software do not want this to happen to them. They want to have the implementation go smoothly and even improve coordination and teamwork. They have asked for a PowerPoint presentation that recommends what they should do to ensure that this does not happen in their business.
Create a PowerPoint presentation that provides the following:

Recommendations of how to ensure proper management      after the new organization design is implemented
How to sustain the new organization design in the midst      of resistance
How to create and sustain team coordination and      teamwork

You should use at least 3 external sources from the literature on coordination and teamwork as it applies to implementing a new organizational design. Some of the sources should be theoretical articles, and some should be oriented toward practitioners.
Please use APA format.
Please submit your assignment.
For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.
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