V Please Read The Below Essay And Write A Substantive 300 Word Reply Make Sure That You Are Adding New And Relevant Information With Each This Reply

 PLEASE READ THE BELOW  ESSAY AND WRITE A SUBSTANTIVE 300 WORD REPLY   Make sure that you are adding new and relevant information with each this reply.

The Cycle of Change
 The team principle selected to be discussed is the cycle of change. Within an organization, it is inevitable that changes occur. Changes in an organization is a transformation that encompasses every aspect of a business, to include its structure, resources processes, and its culture. Changes become the living organ of every organization (Imran, Rehman, Aslam, & Bilal, 2016).  Although organizations may have different types of change practices, the effectiveness and implementation of the change are what is most important. The cycle of change itself is a risk that an organization undertakes to build a better organization. 
          To survive in a competitive world, every organization need to be aware of the external demands of its environment. Most organizations are forced, either by some internal goals or external situations that require them to implement a change. While changes will occur, a review of the literature indicates that two-thirds of all change initiatives fail. Although there are numerous factors that could affect the change process in an organization such as organizational change skepticism and employees’ perception about change (Lessard, et al., 2016). The research also suggests that many change initiatives fail due to the underestimate of the role that the employee play in determining the change outcomes (Ahmad & Cheng, 2018). 
          Over the last three decades, research has associated teams with improved workplace productivity, customer satisfaction, and product and service quality. Team-based structures have shown a steady increase in organizations as they allow for improved decision making, reduction of inefficiencies and continually improved processes (Kalmanovich-Cohen, Pearsall, & Christian). The role of a team is a critical factor regarding the cycle of change, as every person in the organization will experience and be affected by change differently. According to Starbird & Cavanagh (2011), the cycle of change can be like what a grieving person goes through when a loss occurs (pg. 91). Creating a team to facilitate a change in an organization could prove beneficial when a change is anticipated and managed through all the phases of the cycle of change (p. 96). 
The facilitation of a change is an approach used to support a change within an organization. It can be further defined as an internal or external individual or team (leaders, managers, and management consultants) that is responsible for initiating, managing or implementing a specific change initiative (Lessard, et al., 2016). The facilitation of any quality improvement implementation can be a complex undertaking regarding a change. Therefore, the facilitator of an organizational change must meet certain requirements in terms of their personal attributes such as knowledge and skills and be empathetic, authentic and credible as well. Alongside these attributes, typically the individual should have a mix of technical and process skills and can balance the achievement of an improvement goal with the development of an effective team  (Harvey & Lynch, 2017).
          Within the cycle of change, there are numerous contextual factors that can influence the trajectory and success of any improvement program. When an organization is planning to implement an improvement process and make a change, it is important to first assess and build an understanding of the factors that might be barriers to the implementation. These factors such as the people involved in the process of the change and how to facilitate the change will determine if the implementation of the improvement process was successful. Once accomplished, an organization should be able to implement an improvement that is responsive to the change that is necessary for them to succeed (Harvey & Lynch, 2017).
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