What is the concordance rate for schizophrenia in monozygotic twins and dizygotic twins?

What does theory of mind mean?o How does the “false belief” task examine theory-of-mind?o In which of Piaget’s stages does theory-of-mind start to appear?o A poor theory-of-mind is a central symptom of what developmental disorder?• Moral Developmento Piaget described three shifts in thinking as children develop a sense of right and wrong: Realism to Relativism, Prescriptions to Principles, and Outcomes to Intentions. Understand what each of these mean.o What are Lawrence Kohlberg’s three stages of moral development and the general age range when people attain them?o According to the moral intuitionist perspective, how are moral decision making and emotion linked?• Adolescence is defined as the time between the onset of puberty and adulthood.o When does puberty occur and how long does it last? Has that age always been the same?o When does adulthood begin? Is that a fixed definition or dependent on cultural factors?• Brain development across the lifespano How does the number of neurons in the brain change from conception through young adulthood?o How does the number of synapses between neurons change from conception through young adulthood?o Besides the sheer number of neurons and synapses, what other sort of brain development occurs after birth?o What region of the brain is the last to mature?• Temperament & Personalityo What’s the difference between these?o What is a standard test for examining an infant’s temperament?o How stable is temperament?o What are the “Big 5” personality traits? How stable are they across a person’s life?• Old ageo Understand the distinction between fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence. How do they change with advancing age?o How does emotional state change over the adult age range?Social Psychology (Chapter 13)• What’s the big difference between humans and other “ultrasocial” species with a division of labor?• What’s the difference between “social behavior” and “social influence”?• What’s the best statistical predictor of who will engage in aggressive behavior?• What does “the weather effect” say about causes of aggressive behavior?• Humans (and some other species) are very sensitive to unfair distribution of rewards and to cheating of various sorts. Understand how people’s behavior in the Ultimatum Game demonstrate this? How is this sensitivity tied to cooperative behavior?• What is the actor-observer effect?• What are some reasons why decisions made by a group can be worse than the average of decisions made by individuals?• Is a distressed person (someone who looks ill, or is being harmed) more likely to attract help when there are few people around or many people around? What is the social psychology explanation for the difference?• Understand the mere exposure effect. Does this effect also apply to choosing a romantic partner?• Sometimes people have unclear ideas about the causes of their own emotional state. This is true for romantic attraction as well. Understand how the “speed-dating” experiment and the “suspension bridge” experiments described in the textbook show this…. What factors made men feel attracted to the women they met (other than the women’s actual attractiveness)?• How does the sunk-cost idea about decision making apply to decisions about romantic relationships?• Understand how the hedonic motive, the approval motive, and the accuracy motive can be used to change people’s behavior.o Which one of these is closely related to operant conditioning?o Be able to recognize examples of the different motives at work. For example: A salesman tells me that most of my neighbors on my block have switched to one company to provide their electricity. My neighbors and I never discuss this. Which motive is the salesman trying to appeal to?o Another example: Which motive was at work in Stanley Milgram’s infamous experiment where participants thought they were delivering harmful or fatal shocks to another participant?• When we try to decide WHY someone did something, what are the two general types of explanation?o How do our explanations differ when explaining someone else’s behavior versus our own behavior?• What are some reasons why stereotypes about categories of people can be inaccurate?• Stereotypes can harm people even when no one mistreats them – understand how stereotype threat experiments demonstrate this.Psychological Disorders (Chapter 15)• Genetics versus environment as causes of psychological disorderso How can comparing monozygotic to dizygotic twins help separate genetic from environmental contributions to a disorder?o Identical twins are monozygotic or dizygotic?o What does concordance rate mean?o If one identical twin has a psychological disorder but the other one does not, is it safe to conclude that there is no biological cause for the disorder?? To answer the question above, think aboutepigenetics. (What is epigenetics?)? To answer the question above, also think about the diathesis-stress model. (What is the diathesis-stress idea?)• Know the major symptoms of:o Generalized anxiety disordero Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)o Major depressiono Bipolar disorder? How is bipolar disorder similar and different from depression and from schizophrenia?o Schizophrenia? What is meant by a “positive symptom” versus a “negative symptom”?? What’s the difference between a hallucination and a delusion?• How common are generalized anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia?• Special categories of depression: Seasonal Affective Depression, Post-Partum Depression. WHEN are people vulnerable to these?• Schizophreniao What’s the typical age of onset for schizophrenia?o What is the concordance rate for schizophrenia in monozygotic twins and dizygotic twins?o What do anatomical brain scans show in schizophrenic patients?o What neurotransmitters are influenced by drug treatments for schizophrenia?

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