What Would Be The Genotypical Ratios Of The Children If A Male Genotyoe Aa Had C

What would be the genotypical ratios of the children if a male (genotyoe AA) had children with a female (genotype aa) (A punnett square may be helpful)
Given what you know about the function of P53, would these children be more or less likely develop cancer than their father? Why? 
What would be the genetypic ratio of children if a female from the above parents had children with male with the genotype Aa?(A Punnett square might be helpful) 
Describe what is meant by statement, “Cancer is clonal” When cell become cancerous, what happens to the mutation rate the cancer cell (does it increase, decrease, or stay the same?) How does the change in mutaton rate (or lack there of) impact cancer development? 
Whether a person is “right-handed” or left handed” is controlled by a single gene with two alleles. The right handed alleles is dominant (R) and the left handed allel is recessive (r) A right-handed person has 4 children with a left hand person. Two of the children are left handed and two are right handed. What are the genotype of the parents? What would be the predicted genotypic ratio if one of these right handed children grew up and had kids with someone who was heterzygous for the right/left handedness allel? What would be the predicted phenotypic ratio of this case 
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