Write A 2 To 4 Page Times New Roman 12 Double Space Essay With A Clear Introduct

Write a 2 to 4-page (Times New Roman, 12 double space) essay, with a clear introduction and conclusion, answering the following questions:

Describe the demographic profile of a hypothetical individual (e.g., age, gender, race, income, education, employment, etc.).  Be very creative and detailed.
Relate a story describing how the individual’s demographic profile influences his lifestyle and possible stress-related health outcomes, based on Cockerham’s theoretical model (see figure below).   Explain his theory before applying your individual’s story to it.  For example, a black women with a high school degree, and Medicaid, can only settle for a minimum wage job and suffers from depression.  How her social background (e.g., gender, race, SES) influenced her health and how her social conditions (e.g., working in a fast food restaurant, Medicaid) reproduces her health profile.  (This is a short version of what you have to explain, please be very descriptive).  If it makes it easier, use the model and plug in the individual’s  background and choices into all 7 boxes.  Submitting the model without a written description is not allowed.  However, you do not have to submit the model.
Explain how ‘social capital’ would help the individual cope with stress or health outcomes caused by stress. For example, this black woman goes to church every Sunday and has met a group of people who gather at a near by bakery after services to talk; she shares her issues with this group of people and asks for advise on who to handle her depression. Remember to be specific of what type of social capital your individual is benefiting from (friends, neighbors,  church, etc.), and what resource they provider (e.g., social support, access to material resources, other ties). 

However, you are required to reference a source.  Using the textbook as a source is allowed, as long as you properly cite it using a recognized referencing style (e.g., ASA, APA, MLA).
NOTE:  Make sure your explanation for the final component of the question does not contradict your character’s story. Make sure to write your citations and references correctly, according to the style of your choice.  Citations and references written wrongly will not be accepted.  Do your best to keep your essay under the limit of pages.  Any exes pages will not be included in your final grade for this assignment
*Using the diagram to follow your individual’s actions will help you develop the story and interpret the outcome generated by his/her social background.
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