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Hello, PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY OUT SIDE RESOURCES BUT IF YOU DO, CITED IN THE REFERENCE PAGE THAT MEANS ALL THE WORK SHOULD BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. First, Read chapter 10 and 11 from the book that linked below Chapter 10: Monoglossic Bilingual Education Policy. page (403 – 448).Chapter 11: Heteroglossic Bilingual Education Policy. Page (449 – 523).It will be very helpful to you if you take a look for these two tables while writing the paper. 1. Table 10.2 Types of Monoglossic Bilingual Education & Characteristics, p.2412. Table 11.5 Types of Heteroglossic Bilingual Education and Characteristics, p.282After reading the two chapter then follow the steps as carefully as you can. Now write a 7-9 pages not include the references page. Steps are: Write a 7-9 page paper using the following questions to demonstrate your understanding about monoglossic and heteroglossic beliefs, ways in which different states or groups plan for bilingual education, the relationships between majority and minoritized groups and specific advantages and disavantages across bilingual education program models.Please address each of the 5 prompts.Identify how monoglossic and heteroglossic beliefs impact the planning of different types of bilingual education programs. Discuss different ways in which different states or groups have planned for bilingual education for minorities and majorities. Provide specific examples and details e.g. US, Latin America, Africa, Deaf Community, Hawaii, Navajo, Canada. These are just a few states and groups discussed in both chapters. Select 2 programs models from heteroglossic and 2 program models from monoglossic to use as examples.Compare and contrast relationships between majority and minoritized language groups in bilingual education policy and program planning for monoglossic and heteroglossic.Discuss advantages and disadvantages of specific monoglossic and heteroglossic bilingual program models e.g Heteroglossic–immersion, developmenta, poly directional or Two Way Immersion (Dual Language) CLIL and multiple multilingual and Monoglossic—Transitional BE, Maintenance BE, Prestigious and Immersion BEWhat you found most interesting or important about the monglossic and heteroglossic policies and programing planning for bilingual education?The Book is linked below. Thank you!
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