Writing a proposal

Please as discussed in the week 2 forum and week 2 lesson make the ‘working title’ straight forward so that it is not only easy to read, but easy to interpret as well.  Be brief and avoid using unnecessary words. Use a single title or a double title. An example of a double title is, Network Theory: Prison Gangs in Kentucky an Inmate’s Perception.  Here, we know the proposal (study) is about Network theory, as it relates to an inmate’s perception of prison gangs in Kentucky.  As a rule of thumb, make the title no longer than 12 words.  A good way to do this is to remove articles and prepositions, but make sure the working title includes the focus i.e., topic of the study.
Please remember you are selecting a topic NOT for writing a research paper about, but rather for writing a proposal to do actual hands-on research using scientific research methodology. (However, NO actual hands-on research will be conducted in this class based on your proposal.)
Submit an annotated bibliography by no later than Sunday of week 3. Late submissions of this assignment will not be accepted. Be sure that you collect a minimum 3-4 peer reviewed sources (published within the last 10 years) from the APUS online databases for the annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography must be relevant to your ‘working title’ of your research proposal. Please note that each annotation should be around 250 words to briefly synthesize the article. The annotation should not be excessive; nor overly brief. See the rubric. In addition, these three to four sources are not the only sources you will use in your proposal. They are a means for the professor to make sure you are on the right track, selecting the right kind of literature, and that you are able to compile an annotated bibliography.
The annotated bibliography will be included as an appendix in your final ‘research proposal’ that you submit in week 7.
Preventing the Inception of Crime in Adolescent
Attached is a forum that briefly describes title above, as well as annotated bibliography directions.

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