contemporary leadership

APA 7th edition style for referencing and citations.

This blog is about contemporary leadership,i have attached the brief.

1250 words with pictures depicting it.

pick a sector as a case study either medical or retail or industrial then use a company under the sector as a case study.

analyse their leadership styles then now and recommend for the future.

its an academic blog so no words like “I THINK,OR USE OF I”


Blog 2: Contemporary Leadership Styles: How relevant are they in today’s changing world? Blog 2: background context Please respond to the following statement: “Leadership models of the last century have been products of top-down, bureaucratic paradigms.

These models are eminently effective for an economy premised on physical production but are not well-suited for a more knowledge oriented economy” (Uhl-Bien et al., 2007: 298). Uhl-Bien et al (2007) suggest that the leadership theories from the 20th century are not appropriate for knowledge based economies. Others have critiqued how leadership theories are mostly masculine theories based on Western working practices.

Your task for this blog is to debate how you think leadership theories need to be developed in the future. Should research be conducted on feminine leadership? On leadership practices in Asian or African or Middle Eastern Contexts?

Blog instructions (word count: 1,250) Your task in this blog is to conduct independent research that will require you to:

1. Describe how scholars and practitioners have challenged these leadership theories.

2. Identify the challenges current leaders are experiencing in leading in a changing world.

3. Use relevant examples from your chosen industry in order to evaluate the impact it has on people / organisation.

4. Discuss how you think leadership theories should develop in the future based on academic research. Understanding the key words In this blog, you are asked to think and write in specific ways as a MBA student.

Below are some short explanations about these keywords:

Describe – Using your knowledge of the theories on leadership you have learnt so far, begin to think about how people have challenged these theories.

Introduce the argument critiquing modern leadership theories.

When did this critique start? Who were the main scholars contributing to this argument? What are their main arguments?

Identify – Using your research skills gather information on the challenges current leaders in the world are experiencing in adopting Western Leadership Styles.

Use – Use real examples in your chosen industry to support your views on challenges current leaders are experiencing in leading in a changing world.

Discuss and develop – how you think leadership theories should develop in the future based on academic research.

Use real examples and conclude using your own words and views, backed up by the theory. Reviewing your work After you have written your blog, read it all the way to the end to check that you have:

1. Used appropriate theories or models of leadership studied in this module.

2. Discussed the broad argument which critiques modern leadership theories.

3. Made recommendations for how leadership researchers should conduct research in the future.

4. Used in-text citations throughout your blog to show where your knowledge of leadership comes from.

5. Actively engaged with your followers on the WordPress blog. Taken screen shots of the conversations and inserted it in the final word document which you will submit on Moodle. What you must not do: Do not simply use direct quotes to explain your point. Think carefully about what the author is arguing, do you agree?

References Uhl-Bien, M., Marion, R., and McKelvey, B. (2007). Complexity Leadership Theory: Shifting leadership from the industrial age to the knowledge era. The leadership quarterly, 18(4), 2

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