1 Count The Number Of Xenon 5p And Fluorine 2p Electrons For Xef4 And Put The El 1

1)     Count the number of xenon 5p and fluorine 2p electrons for [XeF4]   and put the electrons directly into the schematic mo diagram above  .  Check the result very carefully because the answers to several questions depend on having the correct mo electron configuration.
2.)State which if any of the xenon 5d orbitals have the proper  symmetry to form pi bonds with the fluorine out of plane  pπ orbital sets for [XeF4]   .
        3)   Determine (derive) the reducible representation for the set of fluorine out of plane pi-orbitals in D4h [XeF4] .
5)      What are the irreducible representations for the occupied molecular orbitals  that are completely localized on xenon  ?
5)    Consider the vibrational normal modes of  [XeF4] that have  B1g  B2u and Eu  symmetries .    Determine whether or not  the vibrational normal modes with  B1g  B2u and Eu  symmetries can be   observed by  using either IR or Raman spectroscopy  ?
6)    Determine the ground electronic state for the  S=0 [XeF4] molecule  and the excited  electronic spectroscopic states that arise from the  B2g1Eu1 excited electron configuration of  [XeF4]   .
7)     Determine whether or not the pure  electronic electric dipole transitions from the ground pure electronic state to the excited pure electronic  states of [XeF4] that arise from the B2g1Eu1 excited electron configuration are electron spin and orbitally  allowed .
8)    Using only the number of IR allowed Xe-F stretching modes explain in detail whether or not the D4h symmetry of XeF4  could be distinguished from XY4  structures that are  D2d and Td  ?
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