A Select Statement Embedded In The From Clause Is Also Called A Derived Table 2

1. T/F: A SELECT statement embedded in the FROM clause is also called a derived table.

2, T/F: An OUTER JOIN returns only those rows where the linking values match in both of
the tables

3. T/F: A SELECT expression that is embedded within one of the clauses of a SELECT
statement is a subquery.

4. T/F: A column query is an embedded SELECT expression that returns one or more
columns and zero to many rows.

5. T/F: The correlation name is also known as an aggregate

6. T/F: A table query is an embedded SELECT expression that returns only one column
and no more than one row.

7. T/F: An INNER JOIN returns all rows from the first table and any matching rows from
the second table.

8. What SELECT statement clause cannot be used when embedded in a JOIN?

9. The ___ keyword is used to assign a correlation name.

10. Which aggregate function returns a count of all nonnull values returned by a value
11. Which aggregate function returns the maximum value of a value expression?

12. Which aggregate function is used to compute a total of a value expression?

13. Which aggregate function calculates the mean for a value expression?

14. T/F: When an aggregate function is used as a search condition it must be placed in an
aggregate function.

15. T/F: The GROUP BY clause is added after the FROM clause.

16. T/F: A LEFT OUTER JOIN returns all rows from the second table and any matching
rows from the first table.

17. T/F: The ORDER BY clause is used to group matching values of a specified column.

18. T/F: Grouping data with aggregate functions enables you to see subtotals for
categories of data.

19. T/F: Filters that use a predicate on an aggregate function must be placed in a WHERE

20. The SQL standard provides a set of __ functions that enable you to calculate a single
value from the rows in a result set or from the values returned by a value expression
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