All of the following are reasons for people to take part in cybersex,

Question 1 1.  All of the following are reasons for people to take part in cybersex, except forAnswer   Anonymity  Ease and convenience  Resolving marital problems  Strong sexual fantasies5 points   Question 2 1.  Net Nanny isAnswer   A pornographic website  A way to block children’s access to pornography  The name of the 1995 U.S. Senate bill that would prohibit making pornographic material available to children under 18  A kind of Trojan that records keystrokes on pornographic websites5 points   Question 3 1.  Most people consider online affairs just as real as offline affairs becauseAnswer   They involve the deviant use of the computer  All fantasies about sex turn into reality  A physical sexual act usually takes place  They can lead to marital discord and divorce5 points   Question 4 1.  When robbers consider the selection of a target, they consider how lucrative an establishment is and _____________Answer   The personality of the potential victims  The fame gained from the robbery  The risk of arrest  Who to frame for the job5 points   Question 5 1.  If a person kills him or herself after murdering another, it is called ________ suicide.Answer   Revenge  Surrealistic  Apologetic  Atonement5 points   Question 6 1.  At what point in an inmate’s stay at prison are they most likely to commit suicide?Answer   After several years of a long sentence  After denial of a parole  When transferred from a local to a state prison  During the initial phase of imprisonment5 points   Question 7 1.  If deviant behavior cannot be classified as psychotic or neurotic, a psychiatrist will classify it as a __________disorder.Answer   Psychotic  Personality  Neurotic  Organic5 points   Question 8 1.  The most prominent feature of a personality disorder isAnswer   blantant disregard for society’s rules  feelings of sadness, dejection, and self-depreciation  phobias and other fears  thinking and talking in unconvential, illogical, or ambiguous ways5 points   Question 9 1.  Which of the following examples of mental health issues would most likely be defined as a personality disorder?Answer   A crooked politician  A person whith severe headaches  Someone with an acute fear of heights  A very anxious person5 points   Question 10 1.  The primary motivation for burglary isAnswer   subsistence needs  the thrill of entering a home  expressive needs  to demonstrate technical skills5 points   Question 11 1.  Joe was a sociologists who studied mental illness in a poor urban neighborhood whose residents have a high rate of mental illness. He discovered that many persons moving into the neighborshood had clear symptoms of mental illness, and that normal residents, when they could, moved out to a better neighborhood. His study would support the _______ explanation of the relations between class and mental illness.Answer   Social causation  Organic  Social drift  Biomedical5 points   Question 12 1.  In order for a person to undergo involuntary hospitalization for an indefinite period, the person must first beAnswer   Convicted of a crime  Charged with a crime  Arrested for a suspected crime  Judged by the court-appointed psychiatrist as dangerous to themselves or others5 points   Question 13 1.  Joe is a psychiatrist who works with mental patients and searches for the cause in some unresolved conflict in the patient’s childhood. He is probably using _______theory.Answer   Behavioral  Psychoanalytic  Labeling  Biomedical5 points   Question 14 1.  The reason cocaine is psychologically addictive is due to theAnswer   Physical addiction of the drug  High status coming from the use of cocaine  High quality of pleasure the user gains from it  Moral weakness of the user5 points   Question 15 1.  Which of the following is part of the treatment program of Alcoholic Anonymous?Answer   Requiring members to admit that they are alcoholics and powerless over alcohol  Encouraging members to develop a rugged individualistic approach to drinking  Encouraging members to maintain a moderate drinking pattern  Urging members to seek psychotherapy5 points   Question 16 1.  Women who make huge sums of money selling sex to men are sociologically categorized asAnswer   Clever businesswomen  Feminist pioneers  Heterosexual deviants  Members of an exploited group5 points   Question 17 1.  Which of the following aspects of pornography is considered most damaging to a feminist?Answer   Its emphasis on sexual gratification and permissiveness  Its undermining of monogramous relationships by producing sexual arousal outside the marital relationship  Its direct and indirect link to violence and discrimination  Its social benefit, such as helping consumers to shed sexual inhibitions5 points   Question 18 1.  Something a person has or does that others see as bad in some way is the definition ofAnswer   A phobia  An obsession  A falsehood  A stigma5 points   Question 19 1.  Deviance committed by the relatively rich and powerful is called ________.Answer   Organized crime  White-collar crime  Privileged deviance  Normal deviance5 points   Question 20 1.  The most common form of official violence is ___________.Answer   Police brutality against citizens  The exposure of average citizens to dangerous chemicals  Strictly enforcing the tax laws  The adding of experimental drugs into the rations given to Army soldiers

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