Broken Foster Care System Position Essay

I need someone to write a 5 page essay following the requirements below:In your position essay (also called persuasive or argumentative or persuasive), you will use evidence (facts, statistics, data, etc. NOT OPINION/BELIEFS) to support the answer to your research question. You will argue the solution to a problem.Steps to Success:
Choose a research question
A problem with more than one reasonable answer/solution
Something for which you will find the “best” solution (claim) and offer reasons (supported by evidence, NOT OPINION/BELIEF) for that solution
This question may be the same as your summary response and/or exploratory essay. Because you have already researched the best solution, I suggest using your exploratory essay question.
Using the Hawkeye library, find 5 reliable/credible sources and them for approval and points
Since you are arguing one solution, the sources should all support that one solution, so you will need at least some new sources (if you are using the same question)
At least 2 scholarly journal articles.
You may also use:
Government websites
Other websites are NOT acceptable sources
Take purposeful notes IN YOUR OWN WORDS on your sources
Determine your claim and the 3 reasons to support it (Your thesis)
Complete the worksheet on Canvas
Using MLA format, write an argumentative essay to support your position
Approximate length 4-6 pagesStructure of the essay (See the worksheet for a sample outline and more thorough structure.)1. Introduction (1 paragraph) ending with your thesis (claim and 3 reasons)2. Reason 1 (1-3 paragraphs)3. Reason 2 (1-3 paragraphs)4. Reason 3 (1-3 paragraphs)5. Conclusion (1 paragraph)Grades are based on:
Thesis with clear claim and reasons
Reasons (Logos)
Are they strong?
How well do you present them?
Evidence (Logos)
Are your sources reliable?
Do you have enough evidence to support your reasons?
How well do you address the strengths of the counterarguments?
Angle of vision (Ethos)
Appeal to audience (pathos)
MLA Format
Page numbers
In-text citations with page numbers
Works Cited page
Grammar/mechanics/sentence structure/unity/cohesion
Plagiarism results in a 0! Use proper citations, put information into your own words, and utilize your Turnitin originality report.
ChecklistInclude this page as the first page of your paper. Be sure you can honestly check off every item on the list before you submit your final paper.
My paper has an original, appropriate title.
I have a one-paragraph introduction that tells about the issue and why it’s important with a thesis statement at the end.
I have a clear thesis statement (a claim with three reasons).
I have a separate section that discusses and provides evidence for reason 1.
I have a separate section that discusses and provides evidence for reason 2.
I have a separate section that discusses and provides evidence for reason 3.
I considered the arguments people will have with each of my reasons and discussed and provided evidence for why my view is stronger (considered the opposition for each reason).
I searched for “you” and revised inappropriate use.
I used proper MLA format according to the book and MLA format slides (heading, page numbers, spacing, title, in-text citations with page numbers, Works Cited page, etc.)
I have a conclusion that ties everything together.
I attached my Works Cited page.Also, they will need to fill out the worksheet I have attached. I will also attach the previous essay I wrote on this topic to help you out. It has a Works Cited at the end and you can use those sources in addition to the ones I will attached. Just keep in mind you need 5 sources total and there needs to be a Works Cited at the end of the essay. This is the research question: How can we solve the problem of the broken foster care system?Also, I attached two essay examples that my teacher said were papers that were amazing and receive an A for a grade.Thanks in advance for all your help!
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