Communication and Power in Canada

Answer all ten of the following questions, and follow the submission instructions below:Barney identifies three criteria for his assessment of communication technology in a democratic context
in Canada, or what he calls the “Canadian Democratic Audit.” What are they, and what does each
criterion mean?Barney suggests that “technology is irreducibly political.” What does this mean?Barney argues that “design” is key to understanding the relationship between politics and
communications technologies. What does this mean?Barney describes a complex relationship between ICTs and politics in Canada in that ICTs provide crucial
infrastructure for political activities, and they play an increasingly central role in our day-to-day lives.
What are the political implications of this?Carah and Louw refer to Italian scholar Antonio Gramsci and his definition of hegemony. What is it? How
is communication significant in the formation and maintenance of hegemony?What is a naturalized discourse? Explain the concept in detail, and offer a Canadian example; for
instance, it might be suggested that Canadians believe that our involvement in military actions outside of
Canada are focused on peacekeeping, and thus public support for military interventions is tied to a
naturalized sense that Canada’s military is used to help people rather than for territorial expansion,
defending borders and markets, killing enemies, and so on.Carah and Louw say “identity is never accomplished.” What does this mean?What problems are associated cultural imperialism? Would it matter, for example, if all cultural texts in
Canada were made in the US? Why or why not?Identify and briefly describe at least five reasons why the “ideological square” exists in terms of racialized
identities.Carah and Louw identify four ways gay and lesbian communities use communications to challenge
negative representations and identities in the media. What are they?

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