Communication is leadership is salient.

Communication is leadership is salient. This is the way the followers or team members can understand and learn from management. If this not done right, the followers are confused, and there is potential for various interpretations. It is the responsibility of the leadership to communicate all needed information to succeed strategically.
Question 1: Some senior executives believe they should rely on written information and computer reports because these yield more accurate data than face-to-face communications do. Do you agree? Discuss.
The communication path depends on the importance of the information that is being shared. Written information or computer reports give the sender responsibility to send an accurate statement. And once submitted, it is out there. When the information is communicated, since both parties are listening, there is more room for error. If the report is communicated the receiver should be actively listening, should restrict distractions and seek understanding in a limited time (Daft, 2018)
Redundant communication is using more channels to interact on a message, which is of high importance (Daft, 2018). While doing so, the sender can transfer and send the message across stronger, and the receiver has time to process. Hence, I feel redundant communication is the path to pursue.
Question 2: How might leaders use social media to create a sense of community among employees? What do you think are some advantages and disadvantages of a company using social media to communicate with employees?
Social media is an application that allows to create and share user-generated content with the public (Daft, 2018). In social media, there is a grey area of what and how much to share. This applies to both personal and organizational levels. Leaders can create private events on social media to have a company party. These events make employees feel included and special.
Using social media allows stakeholders to have a better understanding of their investment in the organization. Depending on the content shared, this might have an impact back to the organization if the stakeholders are not satisfied.
Question 3: The chapter suggests that very small teams (say, three to six members) perform better, and most people prefer to work in small teams. However, many companies use teams of 100 or more people to perform complex tasks, such as creating and developing a new product. Do you think a unit of that size can truly function as a team? Discuss.
There is some truth to the saying too many cooks spoil the soup. A group consists of 100 or more members means more variabilities. It is hard to coordinate by leadership, and within the team, lack of trust, commitment, and inattention to result can occur due to multiple people taking responsibility (Daft, 2018). A small group of people is more comfortable to track. However, if it is a small team, the company’s cream must be present in this team; otherwise, due to inadequate knowledge or talent, it would be a downfall. If the right members are in the team, the group organically will create team cohesiveness, norms. However, a journal article discusses that performance improved when teams focused solely on the quality of the team (Konradt, Oldeweme, & Otte, 2018).
Question 4: If you were the leader of a team developing a new computer game, how might you apply negotiation to resolve a conflict between two strong-willed members related to which features to include in the game?
Negotiation is people compromising various alternatives to reach an agreeable decision by both or all parties (Daft, 2018). In this scenario, I would request a distributive negotiation by doing consumer research on the features offered in the game. This would automatically help the team understand the product they are putting out to the market.
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