describe the major differences between managerial accounting and

PROBLEM1. Describe the major differences between managerial accounting and financial accounting.ESSAY2. You have been working as a staff accountant at Sanborn Industries for three months. Mr. Jones, the accounting manager as well as your boss, has informed you that he has decided to change vendors for the company’s office supplies. He notifies you that your company will now be utilizing the store owned by his best friend. Mr. Jones is hopeful that this will bring in a significant profit for his friend’s business possibly preventing the closing of his store. You receive the first invoice from that store and realize that the prices are nearly double the amount that the company was paying when using a large retail chain.What should you do about the situation?Chapter 2MULTIPLE CHOICE3. Product costs consist ofa. period costs.b. indirect materials, indirect labor, and administrative costs.c. direct materials, direct labor, and selling costs.d. direct materials, direct labor, and overhead.
4. Which of the following would not be included in overhead?a. marketing costsb. property taxes on the factoryc. factory utility costsd. deprecation on factory machinery
5. Which of the following is an example of a period cost?a. research and developmentb. selling and marketingc. general accountingd. all of these6. The cost of the partially completed goods at the end of the period would bea. ending work in process inventory.b. cost of goods sold.c. beginning finished goods inventory.d. beginning work in process inventory.7. Product costs are expenseda. when the product is finished.b. when the product unit cost is calculated.c. when the product is sold.d. all of these are correct.8. Cost of goods solda. represents all costs associated with research, development, and general administration of the organization.b. is found on the Balance Sheet.c. is the cost of the partially completed goods that are still on the factory floor at the end of the period.d. is the total product cost for the units sold during a period.
9. Gross margin equalsa.  selling and administrative expenses.–cost of goods sold b. direct materials + direct labor + manufacturing overhead.c.  cost of goods sold.–sales revenue d. cost of goods manufactured + selling and administrative expenses.
Chapter 310. The average unit cost at a monthly volume of 9,000 units is $3, and the average unit cost at a monthly volume of 22,500 units is $2.10.Required:A. Develop a cost formula for total monthly costs.B. What are the total monthly costs if 15,000 units are produced?11. Ruskin Company had utilities cost of $95,000 at an output level of 30,000 units. The utilities cost was a mixed cost and the fixed portion was $50,000. What would the estimate of total utilities cost be at an output level of 40,000 units?a. $65,000b. $95,000c. $110,000d. $125,000Chapter 412. At the break-even point,a. total revenue equals variable cost.b. total fixed cost equals variable cost.c. total contribution margin equals total fixed cost.d. total sales equals total fixed cost.e. total margin of safety equals variable cost.13. If the contribution margin per unit decreases, the break-even point in unitsa. will increase.b. will decrease.c. will remain the same.d. cannot be determined from the information given.14. The following information was extracted from the accounting records of MVP Corporation:Selling price per unit $60Variable cost per unit $20Total fixed costs $480,000Required:A. What is MVP’s break-even point in units?B. How many units must be sold to earn operating income of $80,000?C. What is MVP’s break-even point in units if the selling price increases by 20% and the variable costs decrease by 20%?

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