Disneyland is the topic

The purpose of this assignment is to help you learn audience awareness by identifying and analyzing corporate identity and values, as well as understanding the difference between a “claim” and “evidence.” A claim is what the company says they do. Evidence would be specifics about HOW they do it.View Powerpoint entitled “Corporate Image, Identity, and Values” and choose one of the three companies at the end of the Powerpoint.Your assignment is to do the following, using ONLY the corporate website. NOTE: Use the same company you used in the Corporate Image, Identity, and Values Quiz. Assignment 1 is essentially a more detailed version of Quiz 2.Identify the corporation’s value system. What textual evidence can you find within the corporate website that makes you believe this is their value system? Do they specifically state these are their values? How specific are they? Do they define what these values mean to them? Again, show evidence from the corporate website.Identify what you believe to be their organizational structure (vertical or horizontal). What textual evidence does the corporate website provide to support your beliefs?Identify what you believe is the image that corporation wishes to present to the public. What within the corporate website makes you believe this?Now analyze the presentation of that image. Does the company provide evidence to support the claims they make about their values? For example, if they claim to value input from their employees, what evidence do they provide within their corporate website that they actually carry this out. Saying something doesn’t make it true or not true. Do they explain what their values mean to them? Do they detail how they put these values into practice? Do they make this information easy to find within the website? You are looking for any conflicts between the image the company wants to present and the image you actually get from their website.Ease of reading and clarity of information is important. Length is up to you but your purpose is to convince me that you can effectively tell the difference between what a company claims and what information they present to back up that claim. I have no formatting requirements.Note: the file below(powerpoint) is what needs to be used, and in the assignment it says about a quiz that i took and to use the same topic on this assignment, which is on Disneyland . https://www.thewaltdisneycompany.com/?ppLink=pp_wd…
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