DNA Experiments

DNA Extraction from Strawberries and Bananas. This activity resembles how forensic scientists extract DNA from body fluids, in your case you use household items, but the procedure is similar.Materials:2 Heavy duty ziplock bags1 strawberry and 1/2 bananaSoap/ShampooSaltWater2 Coffee filters2 Plastic CupsIce cold ethanol (70-90%)Coffee stirrer Procedure: Prepare the lysis buffer mixing: 1 spoon of soap/shampoo, 1 spoon of salt and 4 spoons of water. Mix the solution 1 minute until the soap/shampoo is disolved in water. You are going to extract DNA from 1 strawberry and 1/2 banana. Put a strawberry in a ziplock bag and 1/2 banana in the other ziplock bag. Close the bags and squish with your hands for 2 minutes without breaking the bags. Add two spoons of the lysis buffer to each bag. Lysis buffer will break the cells. Close the bags and squish again for 2 minutes, trying not to create so many bubbles. Place coffee filter in a plastic cup. You will have two, one for the strawberry and one for the banana. Pour the liquid strawberry + lysis buffer/banana + lysis buffer in each coffee filter. Squeeze the filter to drain the liquid to the plastic cup without breaking it. Throw the filters. In the plastic cup, add two spoons of ice cold ethanol. Don’t mix with the liquid strawberry/banana. Incubate 2-3 minutes at room temperature. Do not shake the cup. You should see two layers. In the upper layer (ethanol) you will see a white precipitate, it is the DNA! Take the DNA with the coffee stirrer. Take a picture of the DNA extracted from strawberry and banana. Report the procedures and your findings (including pictures) in your lab report. Additionally, in the procedures answer the following questions: Why do we use detergent and salt in the first step? What is used the ethanol for? Carry out the following activity After calculate the Random Match Probability and reach to a conclusion, prepare a lab report of this activity. Your samples will be the DNA samples from the crime scene and two suspects. The procedures will be the STR analysis and how you perform the random match probability estimates. The results will be your profile comparison and the result of crime scene profile random match probability. Make sure to include pictures, tables and show your calculations. It has to be a real experiments pics otherwise i won’t accept it.
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