Economic Viewpoint of Strategy

In order to answer the following questions, you need to have read and studied the assigned articles. You will be asked to link the different findings, so you need to think your answers through before you begin. Remember, I am not asking your opinion, but rather asking you to discuss what these articles conclude. When I read academic articles I highlight findings, research questions,theories used, etc. Then I write on the side what is important and summarize key information. Cite all literature. Copy and paste the questions in your word document (i.e. follow the same procedure as you did in Week 1).
1. What are each author’s findings and explain what the findings mean. Also, what are some reasons for the variation in results? Be specific. The articles discuss this answer at length. This answer should be no less than 400 words.
2. How terms are defined are important. A concrete definition makes sure academics are discussing the exact same concept. How did key terms change in definition and scope as you read each article? Does this change the way the results are interpreted? Be specific. The articles discuss this at length. This question should be not less than 300 words.
3. Each of the assigned articles used different theories or lines of thought to support their research questions in pursuing the answer, “Does industry matter?”. Discuss these approaches and how they are alike and how they differ from each other. This answer should be no less than 400 words.

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