Ethnicity Paper Outline

 Outline and Annotated Bibliography for Research Paper on Ethnicity

This week you will prepare a two to four page outline and annotated bibliography for your Research Paper.  Outline: Develop an outline that identifies the thesis or central argument, along with any main topics and support to be included in your final paper (identified below).Annotated Bibliography: Summarize at least four scholarly sources, in addition to the text, that you plan on using to support your argument.APA Formatting

Focus of the Research Paper 
For your Research Paper you will select one aspect of cultural diversity from the following list that you would like to study: 
*(For improved memory and increased awareness, remember the mnemonic, GARREACS.)Ethnicity

Once you have chosen one aspect of cultural diversity to study in depth, prepare a Research Paper with the following components:Summarize the pertinent historical, political, social, economic and cultural factors related to your chosen aspect of diversity.Consider and summarize any relevant developmental theory models related to your chosen aspect of diversity.In regard to your chosen aspect of diversity, identify the relevant laws or programs that have either helped or restricted access to care and support.Evaluate how your chosen aspect of diversity, in combination with two other aspects of diversity, can lead to increased needs or issues. For example, if someone is female, African American, and lesbian, will there be additional challenges? Select any combination of three aspects of diversity to discuss.Describe at least two resources currently available in your area for someone needing special services related to your chosen aspect of diversity.Explain how your personal characteristics will either complement or conflict with this diversity issue. Consider your own biases and prejudices or those of your family of origin.Discuss relevant concerns, cautions or insights necessary for you to be a culturally competent human service professional.

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