Experience working in the team

Using appropriate theories and reflecting upon your experience working within a team throughout this module discuss how the personal skills possessed by individual team members influence the overall success of a team.

Key marking criteria will include:

1. Assignment structure: is it defined, logical and appropriate?
2. Quality of writing: has the assignment been written in a way that is readable and have key messages been conveyed appropriately?
3. Quality of presentation: has the assignment been presented professionally using IT and demonstrated compliance with assignment guidelines?
4. Quality of research: is the assignment grounded in high quality research?
5. Quality of application: has research been properly integrated into the assignment in way that is logical and appropriate?
6. Synthesis: has theory and practical experience been synthesised appropriately?
7. Insightfulness of conclusion: have logical evidence-based conclusions been drawn and thoroughly rationalised.
8. Understanding: does the assignment demonstrate a thorough understanding of the topic and task?
9. Overall quality of assignment: taken as a whole, is the quality of the assignment appropriate for this level of study?

Assignments are a critical part of the learning experience and development for scholars at Swansea University. Practice will pay dividends when it comes to honing your skills in report and essay writing. Students are therefore encouraged to submit the highest quality work they can to reach their maximum potential. Students with concerns about how to present their work can consult with the Module Co-ordinator for guidance in addition to the notes listed below:

The maximum word limit for the individual assignment (excluding tables, contents page, footnotes, charts, graphs, figures, reference lists but including in-text references) is 1500 words. The word count must be stated in the assignment cover sheet.

Top 20 Tips
1. Turn your document into a PDF file before submitting. PDFs preserve formatting, so this will ensure that the marker sees what you see.
2. Check your document before you submit, particularly for formatting issues, spelling and grammar.
3. Check your document after submission, by downloading a copy of the submitted document and the Turnitin receipt/report. If there are issues email somassessment@swansea.ac.uk before the deadline with a copy of your assignment.
4. Remember failing technology is not a ground for an extension request. So please ensure you have a copy of your document saved in at least two separate locations, in the event of a technical issue arising.
5. Do not ask your fellow students do read your work. This is a surefire way to open yourself up to possible plagiarism allegations. Instead, ask a family member, friend outside of university or a student on a different course to proofread your work.
6. Include a coversheet.
7. Do not write your name anywhere on your assignment.
8. Ensure you use Arial or Times New Roman font in size 12.
9. Use 1.5 line spacing and standard margins.
10. Use indents to show new paragraphs.
11. Do not use BBC Bitesize, Mind Tools, Chron.com, UKessays.com or Wikipedia as sources.
12. You can write in the first or third person for this assignment, due to the reflective nature of it. You will not be penalised for writing in the first person, if that is what you choose to do.
13. Do not include graphics, unless they are relevant.
14. Do not include appendices. They will not be marked.
15. Do not exceed the word count. We are not permitted to mark excess words, meaning that potentially large parts of your conclusion won’t be looked at.
16. Read the assignment brief and ask yourself: have I answered the question? If the answer is no, then there is more work to do.
17. Read the marking criteria. This is what we use to mark your work. Focus on the first class column on the rubric and ask yourself: does my work match the description for that marking criterion? If the answer is no, then there is more work to do.
18. Don’t worry if your essay is different to the essay that I produced to assist you, or different to others you may have seen. Originality is good! In fact, we insist upon originality and want to see you exercise a degree of academic judgment. What matters is that you have fulfilled the brief and satisfied the marking criteria. As long as you have done this, that is all that matters.
19. Tap into your higher order thinking skills: analysis in particular when you are considering the experience that you have had.

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