History 1301 (do not write an essay just answer the questions given.)

# Read Chapter 1 documents 3-4, pages 10-17 
 Questions to Answer:
1. Write a summarize each of your sources in 3 sentences.
2. Write 3 sentences reacting to each of your sources.
3. Discuss the initial relationship between the “discoverers” / explorers and the “discovered”/ natives from the document and properly “quote” it from inside the chapter to support your answer.
#Read Chapter 2 documents 1-7, (pgs 22-29) 
 Questions to answer 
1. Summarize each of your source(s) in 2-3 sentences.
2. Write your reaction to each of your source (at least 1 sentence).
3. Compare/contrast geographies and groups. What was the colonization experience like for Virginia? Massachusetts Bay? What were their motivations? properly “quote” it from inside documents of the chapter to support your answer.
# Read chapter 3 documents 7-11,pages 95-101. 
Questions to answer
 1)Define: Atlantic and Triangular Slave Trade
2)Difference between Slavery and Indentured Servitude 
3)Economic impact of Slavery
4)Complications of Pre-Revolutionary Slavery
5)Answer to question why issues of Slavery are avoided in American educational systems. properly “quote” it from inside documents of the chapter to support your answer.

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