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I need help with an assignment from the class (Industrial Organization in Manufacturing) that I am taking. I need it to be 100% your word. I need it to have ZREO plagiarism. No citation needed since it’s your own thoughts and opinions from the topic It is important to NOT cope or explain the thoughts and opinions of the chapter or others (t’s your own thoughts and opinions). Need it in 24 hours. Attached is the three chapters (12 13 ) from the book that you need to use in this assignment and the (How stressful is my life) for ch 13.
The assignment instructions are below:
First Part :
(In 200 word each write about the following):
Ch 12
1- Please read the Case Study 12-B at the end of the chapter and respond to two of the four questions.Use this discussion forum to share your answers with others.
Ch 13
2- Share an experience either good or bad that you may have had with OSHA.If you have never had an experience with OSHA then share a reflection on how this organization may impact you in the future in your career.
3- Stress can show itself in both positive and negative ways.We have stress in our personal lives as well as our work life.Please complete the self-assessment in the Chapter 13 folder in the Content section.You don’t need to share the results but I would like for you to reflect and share how you deal with stress reduce stress recognize the symptoms and other things you want to share with others about this topic.
(In the class I need to respond to the answers of four students from the first part. To explain it more my classmates some of them answered the question. What you have to do is read them then respond to it. The respond is like what you think about what he wrote. Also Like do you agree or disagree with what he wrote what do you like about it and what you can add to his opinions and thoughts. (FYI try to be positive (like agree with him) and also be respectful)
(In 100 word each write a respond about the following):
(from Q1) ch 12
3 – Changing the evaluation system is very necessary for Bill. Giving the same ratings to all the employee just for the sake of completing the exercise or responsibility is not right on his part. He should try and evaluate the employees individually and assign ranks to them in the order of their performance levels. He can start with checking their performances on different roles that they played in the past year. Ranking them on the parameter of achieving the set objectives can be the starting point for him. He can set other parameters and start ranking each of the employees on these different parameters and in the last combine the rankings from each parameter to get the final ranking.
4 – The supervisor should take extra care when involving in the performance appraisal processes in order to save themselves from any legal troubles. They should always follow the guidelines ad procedures regarding performance appraisal that are set by the organization. Abiding by the appraisal criteria the methods to be used and the documentation of the whole process is necessary for every supervisor to take into practice. The equal employment opportunity law states that all the human resources practices carried out in an organization should be bias free and the supervisor should note that it includes the appraisal process also. The binding contracts regarding performance appraisal process should also be thoroughly understood by the supervisor so that he does not get into any legal issue.
(from Q1) ch 12
Q – 17: Bill Martin is concerned about meeting his area manager because she indirectly blamed him last year that all his employees cannot perform the best. He should not change the rating methods he uses to evaluate his employees. He should rather be straightforward and highlight the strengths of his employees. If he changes the methods he will be proven guilty of misleading the area manager last year. In case he wants to be sure he can call an expert to support his evaluations. He will have proof of his evaluations along with the experts report. This way he will not have to face any problems with the area manager.
Q – 20: Martin and other supervisors should know about the protective rights of the employees. They should know that employees are protected in the law and they cannot be promoted removed or hired without firm basis. Bill can prepare a book of rules for the employees so that they are aware of the rules and regulations of the organizations. He should plan his agenda of hiring and firing and the employees should be made aware of it clearly. He should also hire some expert to conduct the performance evaluations in an unbiased manner. The third-party should give clear evaluation report. This report will end the problems for Martin.
(from Q1) ch 12
Bill Martin is concerned about his meeting with his area manager because she does not believe that Bill is rating his employees accurately. Bill has been giving his employees consistently high marks thus putting other groups employees at a disadvantage. I think that Bill should change his rating method to be realistic and reflect the true performance of an employee. This will enable the employees to know where to improve which is the areas where they would be given low points if Bill was to rate them correctly.
The benefits that Martin employees get from consistently being given high ratings is that they stand a high chance of being promoted. Also they stand to gain a lot more bonuses than the other groups. However this is nothing compared to the disadvantage that Bill is subjecting them to by not rating them properly. They stand to lose a lot of career improving advise over areas that they are particularly not good in. This then subjects them to a stagnation situation as far as their career skills are concerned. (from Q2)
(from Q2) ch 13
4- In 2010 I completed my last year in the Higher Diploma and I was in training program with SABIC (KEMYA) a company that produces plastic materials and industrial fertilizer. It was for six months and it was one of the best periods of my experience. During this period I have experienced two incidents involving OCHA. The first incident was when they were using forklifts on the gas system at the packaging section where they thought they were not dangerous to use. Also when the OCHA editor came to watch the safety system they issued a warning and then asked the department to change the forklifts from gas system to the battery system. While in the other case there was a preventive maintenance for one of the lines that produced plastic. A worker was working with a blue work permit on the valve and at the same time he welded the valve by using cold welding. However this type of welding requires a license and work permit in red color because of welding cause damage to the product line. When the OCHA worker found out that it is not the right work permit he sent an email to the director with providing pictures of that. Also the employee had been fired from the company because they discovered he did that more than five times. With that being said OCHA is not an organization that likes to make obstacles to the companies but it is the best group to make a safety places.
(from Q2) ch 13
5-I have no work experience so I cannot say how OSHA operates in working environment. However I am giving some information on the act in

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