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Question 1 Risks of information science technologies include:The use of mental communicationsCutting-edge performancesGlitches and loss of informationProcessing human-to-systems networkingQuestion 2 Output information can be seen in the form of:Software programsTelecommunicationsHardwareAlerts/outcomesQuestion 3 Information from the system that is used to make modifications in the input, processing actions, or outputs is referred to as:ReportingProcessingAcquisitionsFeedbackQuestion 4 The main components of a computer based information system are:Hardware and softwareHardware, software, and telecommunications toolsData input tools and output video componentsThe keyboard, monitor, mouse, and power sourceQuestion 5 Integration of cognitive, communication, computer, library, and social sciences are features of:Information scienceData scienceInformation systemProcessing scienceQuestion 6 Data are dirty when there are errors such as:Duplicate entriesIncomplete or outdated recordsBoth duplicate entries and incomplete or outdated recordsNone of these are correct.Question 7 When processing data into information, it is important that the data:Have integrity and qualityReflect human inconsistenciesContain raw factsContain duplicate factsQuestion 8 Data integrity can be compromised through:Cleaning dirty dataHuman error or hackersTransmission errorsHuman error or hackers and transmission errorsQuestion 9 Information science focuses on:Individual and universal systemsEffectively linking people, information, and technologyNetworking between systemsOrganization and efficiencyQuestion 10 Secure, timely, relevant, and objective are some characteristics that define:InfrastructureQuality of informationFeedbackAnalysisQuestion 11 Although theoretical definitions of ethics vary, what identifies a common characteristic of ethics?Goal orientedIllogicalOne acceptable optionUnfairQuestion 12 Ethics is best described as:A revolution in health care brought on by technologic changeEver-changing principles that guide decision makingA goal-oriented approach to answering questions that potentially have multiple acceptable answersParadigmatic changes that involve rhythmic processes central to the healthcare systemQuestion 13 Which of the following is not true about social media?Social media represents an instantaneous form of communication.Social media promotes professional collegiality.Social media posts may influence perceptions of professional image.Social media posts are easily deleted by the person who initiated

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