———————————- I need help! Positive feedback and comments will be left if question is answered correctly. Everything needed is provided below. Thank you so much… Instructions: In about one paragraph, read the “Ethical Dilemma” paragraphs, and answer question raised at the end. Imagine you are the president faced with the situation. “Ethical Dilemma” John Sloan, president of Sloan Toy Company, Inc., in Oregon, has just reviewed the design of a new pull-toy locomotive for 1- to 3-year old’s. John’s design and marketing staff are very enthusiastic about the market for the product and the potential of follow-on circus train cars. The sales manager is looking forward to a very good reception at the annual toy show in Dallas next month. John, too, is delighted, as he is faced with a layoff if orders do not improve. John’s production people have worked out the manufacturing issues and produced a successful pilot run. However, the quality assessment staff suggests that under certain conditions, a hook to attach cars to the locomotive and the crank for the bell can be broken off. This is an issue because children can choke on small parts such as these. In the quality test, 1- to 3-year old’s were unable to break off these parts; there were no failures. But when the test simulated the force of an adult tossing the locomotive into a toy box or a 5-year-old throwing it on the floor, there were failures. The estimate is that one of the two parts can be broken off 4 times out of 100,000 throws. Neither the design nor the material people know how to make the toy safer and still perform as designed. The failure rate is low and certainly normal for this type of toy, but not at the Six Sigma level that John’s firm strives for. And, of course, someone, someday may sue. A child choking on the broken part is a serious matter. Also, John was recently reminded in a discussion with legal counsel that U.S. law suggests that new products may not be produced if there is “actual or foreseeable knowledge of a problem” with the product. The design of successful, ethically produced new products, as suggested in the chapter, is a complex task. What should John do?

In the above case, the matter is critical in the sense that choking is a significant issue to be dealt with since the toy is concerned with the breach of safety regulations that certainly has the potential of putting a toddler’s life into danger. The parents may not foresee such an event occurring for the reason being that the toy is especially designed for the children of the age group 1-3 years old. It is hence very natural to believe that such toys are apparently safe to play with, for the kids. Moreover, as the US law also suggests that if there is any actual or foreseeable knowledge of a problem with the product then the same should not be brought into the market and that the Company may be prone to getting sued by the victim’s representative, then ideally, it only makes sense to ponder upon the commercial production of this toy. Moreover, if such an accident happens, then the Company may end paying a prominent amount of compensation to the plaintiffs. Such an act may further cause a damage to the reputation of the Company and could also lead to the overall declination of the sales of the new pull-toy.
Keeping all the above considerations on mind, what John can ideally do is to further play around the designing of the new pull-toy locomotive by redesigning the structure and making it more suitable for the children of the age group three years and above since nothing much could be done about improvising the product and making it suitable for the kids below 3 years of age. A cautionary statement could also accompany the toy that there are choking hazards concerned with this toy to make it obvious for the parents or guardians to take additional precautions. Certain additional features to the toy can only make it more suitable for the kids to play with and thereby may impact the sales of the toy in a positive way.
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