Identify what organ or body systems are affected by the disease and identify the pathological process.

Strep Throat–Anatomy and Physiology-Identify what organ or body systems are affected by the disease and identify the pathological process. What would be cause for alarm and long term harm if left untreated.
Medical Terminology–Include frequently used terms/acronyms associated with the diagnosis of strep throat. Where it presents within the body and or organs.
Medical Clinical Assisting–Response of Medical Assist in a clinical manner to what is done at time of check up..identifying any signs and or symptoms. Examples such as taking vital sings(which ones) how did they present, patient with fevers, how is the patient positioned on the exam table,PPE material needed to be worn by medical assistant.
Medical/Personal Lab Procedures–Identify any diagnostic tests,labs used to confirm diagnosis. Include any prognostic tests or labs(swab of throat, urinalysis, venipuncture,rapid strep test positive or negative,sent more then one sample test out if unsure, used to track the course of the disease…and what the tests showed to confirm the disease is present.
Pharmacology–Identify any medications prescribed in connection with strep throat along with treatment modalities as well as any self care suggestions. How would the medical assistant address and approach the patient in explaining the above.
Billing and Coding–Identify and include any diagnosis codes that may appear on on the billing statements/lab requisition..Apply the diagnosis codes to the signs and symptoms from the ICD 10 as well as from the cpt 17 to identify codes for procedures, exam time done within the office.
Law and Ethics–Identify any legal/ and or ethical considerations /barriers to possible care delivery that may apply to the patient. Example: privacy issues, misdiagnosis,tort law,reportable to the CDC for dx.,assault and battery,illegal or unethical practice ..etc..or any others discovered.
Therapeutic Communications–Include what patient interview techniques would be used to gain patient compliance (open ended questions,body language),any cultural sensitivity,what if any communication barriers,how is information presented to the patient,what education does the patient need to know about this medical condition, what can the caregivers do to support the patient etc… .
Insurance/Managed Care–The labs, treatments,diagnostic tests covered by insurance such as private insurance,Medicare,Medishare,Tricare

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