In This Module You Learned About Library Databases And Resources In This Discuss

In this module, you learned about library databases and resources. In this discussion post, please address the following:

What is a library database?
Name at least 5 databases available through your Library Resources and how and why you would use them?
What databases do you think will be helpful to your research for your PowerPoint project?
Have you reached out to a Broward librarian for help? 

Narrated PowerPoint Presentation
Social, Cultural, and Ethical Issues
For your Final Project, you will create a PowerPoint presentation based on a topic from your current field of study. Since this is a fully online course and we do not meet in person in a traditional classroom setting, you will need to narrate this presentation so it can be viewed electronically.
To assist in the completion of your Final Project, some of the required pieces are included in this course as Milestones. These Milestones are completed throughout the course by the student and the instructor will provide feedback for each Milestone, in order to help the student better the overall quality of their project.  See below where the milestones align with the Final Project requirements.
Choose a social, cultural, or ethical issue related to your current major or field of study. Chose ONE area to focus on. For example, you cannot talk about ethics in healthcare, public safety, or IT in general. You would need to pick a single ethical issue to discuss and not just ethics in general. (Milestone 2 & 3)
Conduct a search using both internet and library database resources. You must use at least 3 sources, one of which must be from the library database. Keep track of these sources! You will need to include a reference slide at the end of your presentation. (Milestone 4)
Create a NARRATED PowerPoint presentation that contains between 12 to 18 slides. You must add your voice using the narration feature in PPT. Include the following:
Title Slide (1 slide) – includes your name and the presentation title. (Milestone 2)Introduction Slide (1 slide) – should be something catchy and explain why this issue is important. (Milestone 3)Body/Content Slides (8-14 slides) – must be interesting, well organized, and presented clearly. Slides should not contain full sentences/paragraphs.Summary Slide (1 slide) – may also include a way for others to get involved, help, or get more information.Reference Slide (1 slide) – must be in APA style and be a minimum of 3 resources. When including hyperlinks in the reference list, they must be hyperlinked. (Milestone 4)
PowerPoint Elements:
Include the following PowerPoint elements:
Apply a single theme or design template.Apply a transition to each slide.Do NOT use animation.Provide at least one hyperlink to a video or useful online article.Use at least 5 open or creative commons images (Clipart, photos, shapes, etc). (Milestone 6)Use smart art at least one time.Include an original graph. (Milestone 5)Include a footer on each slide with the slide number and your last name.
To earn full points, your presentation must be narrated. Do NOT read word for word from your slides. Slides should only contain bulleted information, but full sentences should be spoken!  The narration audio should start automatically when you start the slideshow and should continue through the entire presentation.
Please upload your completed PowerPoint project with a filename formatted as:
Due DateAug 5, 2019 11:30 PMHide Rubrics
Rubric Name: Assignment 7: PowerPoint Project Rubric
This table lists criteria and criteria group name in the first column. The first row lists level names and includes scores if the rubric uses a numeric scoring method.Research and ContentExcellent5 pointsGood2.5 pointsPoor0 pointsTopic and title
Topic is about a single social cultural or ethical issue and appropriate for the project.  Topic was approved prior or made changes due to feedback.  Title slide is included with topic information
Topic is about about a general social cultural or ethical issue or is not appropriate for the project. Title slide is present
Topic is not appropriate or no feedback (if included) was incorporated in the topic or there is no title slide
/ 5Introduction Slide
 Introduction slide catches the users attention, it is catchy and shows why the issue is important.
Some elements are missing from the introduction slide
There is no introduction slide
/ 5Body
There are 8-14 slides for just content (not including title, introduction, summary, and reference slides).
There are less than 8 slides
There are less than 3 slides
/ 5Content
Content is clear, concise, and does not contain full sentences and paragraphs.  Flow is appropriate for presentation
Some of the elements are missing
Most of the elements are missing
/ 5Body/content well organized
Content is well organized, presented clearly, and does not contain full sentences and paragraphs
Content is not well organized or presented clearly or contains full sentences and paragraphs
Content is not well organized or presented clearly and contains full sentences and paragraphs
/ 5Summary Slide
Contains 1 slide with ways to get involved, help, or get more information
Contains a summary but does not show ways to get involved, help, or get more information
There is no summary slide
/ 5Reference Slide
There is a slide with 3 references in APA style
Some sources were written in APA style or they were incorrectly written in APA style
There are no references cited or non of the references were in APA style
/ 5Number and variety of sources
At least 3 internet and/or library database resources were used.  Sources were varied, from the internet and library, and at least 1 source is from an electronic library database. Links to references are hyperlinked. Feedback if included was incorporated into the reference area.
There were not a variety of sources or less than 3 sources were listed.
No sources were cited or used.
/ 5This table lists criteria and criteria group name in the first column. The first row lists level names and includes scores if the rubric uses a numeric scoring method.PowerPoint ElementsLevel 35 pointsLevel 22.5 pointsLevel 10 pointsTranisitions
Transitions were correctly applied to every slide
Some slides had transitions
There were no transitions
/ 5Theme
A single theme or design was applied to all slides
Multiple themes were applied or the theme was not applied to all slides
No theme or design template was applied.
/ 5Hyperlink
A hyperlink to at least one video or useful online article was provided in the content (this does not include hyperlinks in citation/reference slide)
The hyperlink did not work properly or the link was not appropriate for the presentation
No hyperlink was present.
/ 5Images
5 or more images (clip art, photos, shapes, etc) were present.  Images were royalty free/creative commons and cited on the slide where the image resides
2 or more images were present and cited properly.  Or all images were present but not cited or not royalty free.
No images were present
/ 5Smart Art
Smart art was used
Smart art was not appropriate
No smart art used.
/ 5Chart
An original chart was included
A chart was included but it was not made by the student
There was no chart
/ 5Footer
A footer with slide number and last name was included on each slide. 
Footer is missing components
No footer was included
/ 5Spelling and Grammar
There are no spelling or grammar mistakes
There are some minor spelling and/or grammar mistakes
There are many spelling and/or grammar mistakes
/ 5Animation
There is no animation present
There is animation present but limited.
There is animation present
/ 5Correctly named PowerPoint
Powerpoint name was correctly formatted
Name is missing one of the areas
Powerpoint was not named correctly
/ 5This table lists criteria and criteria group name in the first column. The first row lists level names and includes scores if the rubric uses a numeric scoring method.NarrationExcellent10 pointsGood7.5 pointsFair5 pointsNeeds Improvement2.5 pointsPoor0 pointsNarration
Presentation was narrated but student did not read the slides word for word.  Student used full sentences
Some of the powerpoint was narrated or the student read some of the powerpoint word for word
student read the entire powerpoint word for word
an audio file was present, but did not work properly
There was no narration
/ 10This table lists criteria and criteria group name in the first column. The first row lists level names and includes scores if the rubric uses a numeric scoring method.Overall QualityExcellent10 pointsGood7.5 pointsFair5 pointsNeeds Improvement2.5 pointsPoor0 pointsOverall Quality of PowerPoint and Audio Presentation
Final project and audio presentation are cohesive, a pleasure to view and listen to, and is very informative.
Final project and audio presentation meet all the requirements and is easily understood and followed by the viewer/listener.
Final project and audio presentation are well constructed, but could do with some betterment in organization and presentation.
Final project and audio presentation do need a little more organization to be considered cohesive and more easily understood.
Final project and audio presentation need to be better organized and more polished if student wants the reader/viewer to fully understand the project.
/ 10Total/ 110
Overall Score
Level 4
90 points minimum
Level 3
60 points minimum
Level 2
40 points minimum
Level 1
0 points minimum
Submit Assignment
Files to submit(0) file(s) to submit
After uploading, you must click Submit to complete the submission.Add a FileRecord AudioRecord VideoComments
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