logical math 1

11. If it cost $1515 to fill a gas tank in 2000, how much would it have cost to fill the same tank in 1990? (Round to the nearest cent as needed.)
12. Suppose you needed $19,000 to maintain a particular standard of living in 1976. How much would you have needed in 1998 to maintain the same standard of living? Assume that all prices have risen at the same rate as the CPI. (Round to the nearest dollar.)
13.Find the inflation rate from 1978 to 1979. Assume that all prices have risen at the same rate as the CPI.The inflation rate was about %. (Round to one decimal place as needed.)
14.Suppose you needed $0.23 to buy a particular box of macaroni and cheese in 1981.How much would it cost to buy the same box of macaroni and cheese in 2002? Assume that all prices have risen at the same rate as the CPI. (Round to the nearest cent.)
15.What is the purchasing power of $1 in1980 in terms of 1992 dollars?
16. look at image attached
17. Total spending on health care in a certain region rose from 946 million in 1978 to $913 billion in 2006.
Compare this rise in health care spending to the overall rate of inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index. Health care spending increased by %. (Round to the nearest percent as needed.)
18. the accompanying table shows federal minimum wages over the past 70 years. According to the table, how much is $2.30 in 1976 dollars worth in 1996 dollars?
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