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You will need to view several scenes from the movie “Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music”. In order to do this, the DVD can be checked out and viewed in the library (the call number is ML38.W66 W6 1997). You can find it by going to the Course Reserves page and searching the class number (107OL). Also, you can rent the DVD from just about anywhere (it won an Oscar for best documentary feature, so most places have it) or it can be rented or streamed from various online sources. Make sure that you get the Director’s Cut. You are going to be watching selected performances, not the whole movie. The scenes that must be viewed are listed in the discussion questions.
Make sure to answer each question, and give some depth and detail in your responses; you will be graded on how well and how thoroughly you respond to the questions. When you are finished, click on the Post to forum button. You will have 30 minutes in which to edit your post if you wish.
** Important: Make sure that you obtain the Directors’ Cut of “Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music”, because the scene numbers we’ll be discussing are referenced to this version. There is a copy on reserve at the Oviatt Library (in the media room on the 2nd floor). It can also be rented, streamed, or purchased at various online sites.
For this discussion you will be watching the following performances and comparing/contrasting them: 
(note: if you are using a DVD, go by the Scene numbers; the DVD is double-sided. If you are streaming use the Time locations; depending on your source these may vary a little). 


The Who
Summertime Blues

Joe Cocker & The Grease Band
With a Little Help From My Friends

Crosby, Stills & Nash
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Country Joe McDonald

Soul Sacrifice

Sly and the Family Stone
I Want to Take You Higher

Jimi Hendrix
The Star-Spangled Banner/Purple Haze


Which solo performance impressed you the most, the drum solo by Mike Shrieve (drummer for Santana) on “Soul Sacrifice,” or the solo guitar version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” by Jimi Hendrix? Explain your reasons.
Which front man (lead singer) performance did you think was the most powerful, Joe Cocker on “With a Little Help From My Friends,” or Sly Stone on “I Want to Take You Higher”? Explain why. 
Although the Woodstock Music Festival took place almost 40 years ago, many of the performances and their implied messages are relevant to current trends in music and American culture today.Which performances do you think are relevant? Which aren’t? Give reasons.
Overall, which performance did you find the most enjoyable/powerful/interesting? Which was the least? Tell us why. 

(Assignment hint: getting a little background information on the artists and songs will be very helpful. Try using a search engine such as Google, or an online encyclopedia such as Wikipedia.)

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