Please Read The Instructions Carefully Please Make Sure You Look At The Videos B

PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY….. Please make sure you look at the videos before doing this assignment…. I have attached some examples of how the assignment suppose to look like….
link to videos:
Sponsorship is often a needed revenue stream to create successful events. In this assignment you will take on the role of a planner for the hypothetical Local Yokel brand of traveling festivals. You will build a sponsorship recruitment package that would be used to pitch the event as a sponsorship opportunity to businesses. It’s time to put your sales hat on and develop a reasonable package that would be reviewed by local businesses and large corporations.
In this assignment you will take on the role of a planner who works for Local Yokel and has been assigned to plan one of their festivals in the city in which you reside. Your sponsorship package will be an extension of the Local Yokel brand with local flair. You will choose a subculture in the city to highlight. Past students have selected art, music, history, culinary arts, popular hobbies of the area (outdoor recreation) or eco-friendly themes. It will be up to you to determine a specific theme and to evaluate the appropriate target audience within the general population who would most likely to attend.

To evaluate appropriate sponsor benefits related to an event
To develop a professional sponsorship benefits package
To compose a professional introductory letter to a potential event sponsor

Step One: Research & Lesson

Attend and/or listen to the GoToMeeting in Week 2.  The archive link is provided on FSO. “the link is at the top”

Research sponsorship benefits packages online to evaluate pros, cons, design ideas, benefits concepts, etc. Research tips are provided with the Assignment 2 & 4: Student Examples discussion board. “I have attached the examples”

Read the following articles:10 Tips for an Effective Sponsorship Strategy, Biz BashThe 8 Biggest Coachella 2018 Brand Activations You Can’t Miss, Mediakix    

Watch the Sponsorship Lecture Series below.

Read the scenario provided in the “Event Scenario” section below.

Download the Sponsorship Assignment Assets (Local Yokel Logo & Letter Formatting Example) “I have attached both “

Event Scenario
Event Name: Local Yokel:
Estimated total attendance per city: 3,000
Number of Days: 2- Days
Time of year: Consider the time of year from your hometown that is most celebrated without bumping up against other anticipated events.
Sponsorship Levels to Include: $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000
Local Yokel Brand: Local Yokel is a brand of traveling cultural festivals dedicated to highlighting the local community’s take on how they embrace their local culture through art, music or other means that is important to those from the area.  Musicians, artists, boutique-owners, crafters and restaurant-proprietors could provide patrons with a glimpse into their translation of what it means to be from the city in which it is held. This is a chance for attendees to be immersed in the local fare and community with friends and family.
Goals:To make a profit to continue the festival in future cities.To generate exposure for the Local Yokel brand.To engage the local patrons with local businesses and artists.
Objectives:To make a profit of $6,000 per festival.To have three articles written after the festival in local publications and/or Websites.To secure a minimum of 25 vendors per location.To secure a minimum of 15 performers per location.
Target Audience:Demographics: Who would be most likely to attend this specific festival based on the content?  The event will not appeal to an entire population of a city so it will be up to you to determine who would be most interested in the subculture that you have selected to highlight.  
Psychographics: These are folks who appreciate their local ties to the community and/or would like an excuse to  do so.  Again, the subculture that is selected to be highlighted will weigh heavily on what the audience generally likes to do with their time and money.
Geography  The event should be held in an easily accessible area for the intended audience (locals).  The actual location for the event should not result in much more than a 10-mile or 20 minute drive for most participants. In other words, it should be centrally located.
Benefits to Attendees:Ability to purchase local goods and foodOpportunity to get outdoors with family and friendsTo listen to music performed only by local musiciansTo enjoy the sense of communityTo celebrate the most anticipated time of year
Avoid:Reference to local sports teams. The event can be sports geared but should not be an extension of a specific team.Referring to the entire population as the intended audienceThe incorporation of a charity or cause
Step Two: Instructions
Select a program to develop your package. Choose from one of the following: Pages, Word, InDesign. Keynote should be avoided. 
Make sure the  page orientation is set to Portrait. This should read as a document, not a presentation. The final submission will be exported/saved as a PDF once it is complete.  
Sponsorship Package will include the following components in the order they are covered below.

Compose a one-page sponsorship introductory letter for monetary support to a local business that you would be a good fit for the event based on the content and target audience. Food and beverage related businesses as well as media should be avoided. This letter would be your first interaction with a potential sponsor. This type of reach out is considered a cold call and leaves the planner with only one page to make a good first impression.  Introductory paragraphEvent detailsAsk/BenefitsWrap-upProfessional closing

Design a cover page and sponsorship package:Get creative to build a professional brand for your Local Yokel festival.The design should be consistent throughout the package. Consider fonts, colors, borders, etc. The design should be in portrait layout and the content should remain in the order that is provided below.
Create a one to two page event summary to include the following headers:Vision (The generic vision provided as part of the scenario should not be restated.) Bear in mind that the company only knows what they have read in the short introductory letter. It will be up to you to provide more details to round out their understanding of the event.Below are additional ideas for revision and substitution:     City name     When the event will be held     Where within the city the event will be held     The type of theme based on the areaTarget Audience Using primarily infographics, icons, charts or imagery, provide a visually appealing depiction of the target audience for the event.  This section should depict demographic, psychographic and geographic details.Base your depiction on research on who would be interested in the theme of the specific event.Any graphs and charts should  be created by you. Do not copy and paste any charts are graphs from the  internet. The information provided should be unique to the event.Entertainment SpotlightCreate a hypothetical profile/bio of one of the headlining entertainer of the event. (This should not be an actual person or group.)Dependent on the theme this could be a local top chef, a local band/group/musical artist, a local artist, a local sommelier, etc.
Develop a four-tiered monetary sponsorship package with a breakdown of the benefits for each level.     This will consist of two pages:     1) At-A-Glance Page     2) Details Page(s)A minimum of twelve (12) benefits should be provided to the top sponsorship level with fewer opportunities for exposure as the monetary values decrease.

Reference page to include research and photo references. This must be completed in APA format. ( is a good tool.)

Step Three: Submission Guidelines

Export the final package as a PDF.

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