pre colonial thematic proposal the theme focus on representations of deities in the century america paper

So, I already choose the topic as pro-colonial Thematic Proposal and focus on representation of deities in the art of century America. No plagiarism allowed. I attached the example paper and grading sheet. Also, I need you include the image I upload as well. I will send you the book after you got bid. Very Strict Chicago style.
The Topic—All papers are to be a minimum of 5 pages in length (maximum of 8) (these pages include the text of the paper and the footnotes) written in the format of a research paper with proper citations. In addition to the 5-8 page paper, all papers must include a cover page, a complete bibliography, and an appendix of images referred to in the text. Although you may use some structures/objects presented in class for any of the options below, this is not necessary. Your paper should be formatted as a letter to a museum proposing that they fund and display your exhibit.
Pre-Colonial Thematic Exhibit Proposal: Choose 6-8 works of art/architecture that you feel best represent some aspect of life in either Mesoamerica or South America prior to the European Conquest. Examples might include—Tombs and burials, temples and rituals, homes and everyday life, portrayals of kings, etc. Use your selected objects to explain that aspect of life in either Mesoamerica or South America. Please note: I don’t recommend combining these two regions for your exhibit proposal.
For all papers: At least half (3 or 4) of these objects/structures should not be on your image lists/ in your book. Any images included in your image list/book, must be discussed in greater detail than they were in class/book (in other words, you need to do research on them that extends beyond your notes and textbooks).Your discussion of the objects in the paper should address content, style, medium and technique. You do not need to address each of these aspects with each object, but all should be addressed by the time that you have discussed your 6-8 works. In other words, your first image might be a perfect example of the medium, technique and style used during the Aztec period. Your second and third examples might then move on to examine the historical context in which art was used by the Aztecs, etc.
The Final Paper—Your final paper should include the following:
Cover page with title, paper topic selected (exhibit proposal or comparative paper), name, date, class.
The paper J
Bibliography of all works consulted (aside from those only used for their images).
Appendix of Images.
NOTE—The cover page, bibliography and images DO NOT count toward the five-page minimum.
You will upload all of these as a single file to Canvas.
Image Page Guidelines
Images that you refer to in your paper should be included at the end of the paper. These may be black and white or color images. There may be up to two images on one page.
Ordering the images: The images should be in the order that they appear in your paper and be labeled Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.
Captions: Each image should include a caption with the figure number followed by a brief caption and a citation for the source of the image. (For example, Figure 1: Leonardo da Vinci, The Mona Lisa, 1503-1505.
When you refer to the images in the text of your paper, you should refer to them by their title and put the figure number in parenthesis following the sentence in which you mentioned the figure. Correct:Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisadisplays the fashion of the time by having shaved her eyebrows (Figure 1). Incorrect:Figure 1 shows the fashion of the time through Mona Lisa’s shaved eyebrows. Provide parenthetical references to figure numbers only as often as you need to in order to prevent confusion.
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