Social responsibility, ethical behavior, and good corporate/community

Instructions: The big limitation of the histogram we implemented last week is that it could only maintain one histogram at a time, due to the reliance on static variables. In this exercise, we will use object-oriented principles to create a class that can be instantiated multiple times, to maintain and draw multiple histograms. You can see this in action in the main method of the Runner class, which reads through a file containing (fictitious) student grades, and plots separate histograms for each subject as well as a histogram that combines all subjects. It would be impossible to manage these multiple histograms simultaneously with the static version of the Histogram from last week. You have three tasks for this exercise: Task 1: Decide what should or should not be declared as static. For every field and method in this do my homework for me, replace the static or not placeholder with either static (if you think it should be static) or nothing (if not). When making your decisions, try to think about what values and methods should be shared across all instances of a Histogram vs. which should be separate for each Histogram. Try to make the methods and fields static as much as possible, unless there is a clear reason to make them not static. Hint: there is at least one field and a couple of methods that should be declared as static. 
Marking will fail unless you choose the correct fields and methods to be static. Task 2: Decide what should be declared as public or private. For every field and method in this class, replace the public or private placeholder with either public or private. When making your decisions about each field or method, try to think about whether code that is external to the Histogram class would need to know about that field or method, or whether that field or method could be treated as an internal detail that only the Histogram class needs to know about. Try to make the methods and fields private as much as possible, unless there is a clear reason to make them public. For example, take a look at the Runner class. This class needs to be able to create histograms, add values to it, and print the histogram. So these are things that need to be public. What other parts of Histogram do external classes like Runner need access to? What parts are instead internal details that they don’t really need to know/care about? Hint: there are multiple fields and methods that should be declared as private. Again, marking will fail unless you choose the correct fields and methods to be private. Task 3: Fill in the gaps There are some methods that are incomplete. These are the same gaps that were present in the exercise from last week, so if you completed that one this task should be trivial.
How did the decisions in Curtiss and Youngstown change the understanding of war making powers? Is this the understanding today? 2 pages, double spaced. Font 12. Add references. Use these two links as references. I have more to provide, once assigned.
In what ways should a company demonstrate social responsibility, ethical behavior, and good corporate/community citizenship? Use a company that you know of, large or small, to illustrate your views. 1-2 paragraphs
he Market Research work will include market research for a business idea. You should study the market or industry you want to pursue for your business idea. The format should be a research work and will be graded separately using the Market Research Rubric. Feedback should be applied to the Final Project. This assignment will be due in Module Two. Main Elements: The work should use the specific worksheet “Research Questions—Industry/Economic Sector, Target Market, Company” in Chapter 3 of the textbook as an outline in developing the key elements for this subject. Your analysis should include answers to the guiding questions in this worksheet. There are other worksheets found in Chapter 3 of the textbook that can be used as background information to direct your research. These worksheets provide key questions that help entrepreneurs proceed through the discovery phase of business development and develop a sense of the best viable market for their idea. Additionally, the Module Two Study Guide provides many websites and source of information to support this work. The Market Research work should include four sections:  Brief Introduction  Description of Industry/Economic Sector  Evaluation of the Target Market  Company Overview Requirements of submission: The Market Research work assignment must follow these formatting guidelines: double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and discipline-appropriate citations. Page length requirement: 2–3 pages.
1. Please read the text “Prime Time” by Marc Freedman on pages 426-428 (Reading 44 in the 9th edition, as part of Controversy 10). The author predicts that, in the future, aging baby boomers will behave in ways that make earlier ideas of retirement obsolete. In this view, civic engagement could become a new retirement role in years to come. What does Freedman mean by “civic engagement” and what would it take for his vision to come to pass? 2. Please read the text “Moving toward a creative retirement” on pages 436-438 (Reading 46 in the 9th edition, as part of Controversy 10). Manheimer’s article provides us with a contrasting view of how retirement can be a creative period in a person’s life. Just as paid work is not the only form of productivity, so recreation and relaxation are not the only forms that leisure might take. How does Manheimer define “creative retirement” and what are your thoughts about this option for

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