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* Please copy/paste each question before your answer below.
What Key takeaways or impressions did you receive from the video snipet “Starting Small” and the lecture/or textbook about Social Studies?
Describe what observed  from the “Talking Chairs” video, what are you taking away from Daniella and Lupita?
Diversity Book Challenge!
Research a story from Amazon or the library appropriate to 2 to 5 year old’s relevant to Diversity and reflect on the following:
What is the book and why is it relevant? *Include a picture of the book cover
Choose an activity based on the book to present to children
– Describe the activity?– What materials are required? *Include image of activity if applicable
VIDEO: Daniella and Lupe use the Talking Chairs
In this video you will see a demonstration of children’s understanding of the democratic process, rule-making together, problem solving and listening to one another’s ideas and perspectives.  Prior to the video two girls were at a table an had an argument. The argument gets heated and one girls tells the other that her her house is “fea” (which means ugly in Spanish). The other child states that she’s upset because the girl was touching a book she was looking at. the teacher (Darryl) notices that the two girls have a problem. He asks if they want to resolve their problem using the “Talking Chairs” – this is where our video begins. These are three year old children who are being exposed to the democratic process of speaking their truths respectively and simplistically, discussing what is not ok with each of them. This is the beginning of the process and these children are learning to speak up for themselves. The teacher is there as a facilitator and clarifier of what each of the children has said during the process.  The process stops when the children state that they are done, and both are satisfied with the result. I want to stress that this is a very simple problem solve – many more steps can be involved and it takes both instruction and practice for a teacher to become a good facilitator.

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