Systems Vs Individuals Reflect About Our Discussion Topic For Lesson 3 Individua

Reflect about our discussion topic for Lesson 3: Individual vs Systems and write a 2 &1/2-3 page essay, double spaced, font 10-12 that fully discusses how you can be both an individual and a member of your racial group.
Write about being the individual that you know you are, and compare that to what it means to be a member of your racial group. How has your racial group membership impacted your life? Use the following questions to spur your thoughts while you respond to the above essay topic.
• What does it mean to be a member of your racial group? (To be white, red, brown, yellow, black, or multi-racial)
• Do you see yourself as a group member, or do you see yourself as an individual only?
• How do others see you—as an individual or a group member, and how do you know?
• Has it given you privileges?
• Has it brought you disadvantages?
• Does seeing yourself as a group member change your concept of self?
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