The Following 3 Questions Q10 To Q12 Are Based On The Following Information John

The following 3 questions (Q10 to Q12) are based on the following information:
John has the phone numbers of
many young ladies. Some of these young ladies are
blonde and others are brunettes. In addition, John knows that some are single while others have
boyfriends. The exact breakdown is as follows:
Blonde Brunette
Single 15 18
Taken 10 12
Find the following probabilities:
Q10: What is the probability of selecting someone who is taken, given that they are blonde?
Q11: What is the probability of selecting a single brunette?
Q12: What is the probability of selecting someone who is brunette, given that they are taken?
Q13: A coin is tossed four times. Which of the following sequences of heads (H) and tails(T) is
more likely?
E. all are equally likely
F. none of the above
Q14: If an event can occur twice out of every 10 times, it has the probability value of
A. 0.10
B. 0.20
C. 0.50
D. none of the above three answers are correct
Q15: Probabilities are expressed with what values?
A. negative infinity to positive infinity
B. 0.00 to positive infinity
C. 0.00 to +1.00
D. -1.00 to +1.00
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