Using Visual Studio Design And Write The Code For The Application Application Ga

Using Visual Studio, design and write the code for the application.
Gas Bill Application: This program allows users to enter the city, state, total distance (miles), price of a gallon of gas ($). When a user clicks on the “Calculate” button, the program calculates the gas bill and displays a summary of the entered information and the result inside a label. The wording of the output should be exactly as shown in the example below. Also, use the Math.Round method to round the final result to 2 decimal spaces. There should be two buttons: Calculate button and Exit button. The exit button closes the program.Use this formula to calculate the gas bill (we assume an average of 23.6 miles per gallon): (total distance / 23.6) * price of a gallon of gas
Enter the city: YpsilantiEnter the state: MichiganEnter the total distance (miles): 100Enter the price of a gallon of gas ($): 2.21Output:The price of a gallon of gas in Ypsilanti Michigan, is $2.21. It costs $9.36 to drive 100 miles. 

Choose an appropriate name for your solution/project
Change the Name/Text properties of the controls and use prefixes (abbreviations)
Change the following properties of your form (AcceptButton, CancelButton, Text)
Assign an AccessKey to each button.
Make sure the tab order is correct.
Include comments in your code.

      This project will be graded based on the following:

The program runs with no errors
The correctness of the results
The layout and design of the user interface
The specifications mentioned before
Correct submission of the project

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