Who knows about the pulp industry? preferebly celbi in lisbon

Two Country/ Two Companies Competitive Advantage Report: (20%)
This report asks you to compare the firm Celbi(lisbon )  to a competing firm headquartered in a different country to identify what differences, if any, between the two countries make a difference in the competitiveness of the two companies. The ISP course is premised on the ideas that location matters, and that managers must understand if, when, and how differences between the economic, social, political, and cultural conditions and dynamics of countries matter for firms. Suggested length is 5-7 typewritten pages, doublespaced, 12 point Times New Roman or comparable font.  See Appendix for further general guidance on written assignments.
Information about celbi: its industry, and its history, including annual reports (2009 – 2014) with financial statements for both Celbi and its parent, Altri.
The links are:
NOTE:  To get to the annual reports (2009-2014) and financial statements for both Celbi and Altri, go to the first site above, click on ENG in the upper right hand corner, then on Menu, then on Useful Links, then on Document Gallery, then on the report you want to look at.  (The second site above provides 2015 information for Altri).
Document criteria
• Line spacing: at least 2 spaces between lines
• Font: 12 point
• Margins: 1.0” all around
• Cover page with course name, professor’s name, your name and assignment name 
• Number all pages, excluding cover page
• Put your name on each page (pages sometimes become detached)
• Staple pages together; please DO NOT use paper clips or binders
• Include separate bibliography page citing all published materials you used in your analysis
Information Search
You should be able to find a large number of sources of information about the country, industry and company you are studying at the NYU Library and on the internet.  For particularly larger public companies, their websites are usually the easiest places to find relevant financial data, and announcements of major management decisions.
Be careful when considering the use of “second-hand” conclusions, i.e., conclusions drawn by authors without explicit reference to the data on which they claim to be drawing those conclusions. If you can’t find the data on which the conclusions are supposedly drawn, at least check other sources to see if there is widespread consensus on the conclusion. 
IMPORTANT:  Keep a list of the sources of information you used in your research for a written assignment so that you can compile a bibliography.  Each assignment must contain a
bibliography of your sources.
Evaluation criteria
“A” work on written assignments generally has the following characteristics:
• Answers all of the questions asked and every component of the questions.
• Utilizes appropriate concepts, tools and/or frameworks that are relevant to the assignment.
• Provides conclusions that follow logically from the data used and its analysis.
• Utilizes the appropriate unit of analysis when applying frameworks. For example, when
  conducting an industry analysis, you should analyze the industry as a whole unit rather than a
  specific company within the industry.
• Makes explicit the data and other evidence used to draw conclusions
• Makes explicit any assumptions that have been made in the analysis
• Uses sound grammar and sentence structure
• Provides an overall logical flow with appropriate use of section headings
• Uses language appropriate for the target audience 
• Provides appropriate citations and references to sources of material used in the analysis.

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